Enterprise BBS

After 30 years in mothballs, the old girl is out of space dock…


Running on real commodore hardware.

C128 – 64 mode

(1) 1571 drive

(2) 1541 drives

(1), pi1541, running as 1581 drive

Lighly modified version of Color64 BBS.

Satellite 4

Running Color64v8, large download section, including loadstar disks d64 and d81s. system is running on a breadbin c64… CMD thunderdrive, sd2iec, 1581, a swiftlink at 38400 and a REU …24/7

Citadel 64 BBS

Log on with your Commodore 64 and relive the 80s!

Real Commodore 64 system running Color 64 v8 BBS. Supports PETSCII and ANSI graphics.

Willow Creek BBS

C-64c, Thunderdrive, WiFi modem, 2400 baud 24/7.

ANSI Graphics Supported

Cottonwood BBS

Cottonwood BBS is running on a Commodore 64 computer with a 4 GB hard drive at 2400 baud. Message boards, file transfers, online games, and more!