Mutiny BBS

Just started December 2018. Synchronet BBS with a small but engaging user-base so the games that are online are actively being played. Currently Mutiny has Legend of the Red Dragon, Global Wars, Mines of Gorr, Junkyard, Trade Wars 2002, Hexx Wars, Lost in Space, Gangland Wars and more

Palantir BBS (2)

Old school file base, LOTS of DOOM/Duke/Quake/more files, and NightOwl CDROM online. FidoNet Echomail and DOVE-Net QWK mail. Doorgames for fun. New callers welcome.

DOSzombie BBS

A Bulletin Board System completely dedicated to DOS. That includes programs, games & files. Tons of Shareware from way back, registered Legend of the Red Dragon 3.55 Going to make an attempt to convince computer users of today that DOS still has lots to offer & can be a new Social Media Platform!


The Gate BBS serving the online BBS community since 1980. DOVEnet, FidoNet. Inter BBS gaming and more.

New Frontier ][ BBS

Totally rebuild from the previous BBS!

50,000 Files!

Online Games

Tons of Echos

RIP Graphics!

IRC Chat!


Technician’s Hangout BBS

A BBS for any amateur radio operator that wants to participate and talk about any topic! File areas and Ham Radio Practice tests are provided.