Disconnected Reality

Home of Cobalt: am ANSI art DOS application and Jagossel’s personal curated MOD music and shareware.

Sin City BBS

Just another Synchronet board still on dial-up and telnet

Emcomm NY

A Synchronet BBS linked to amateur radio packet station KC2MHA.   Users of the ham radio functions limited to those with amateur radio licenses.

The KC2MHA packet radio node can be accessed via the door menu.  The kc2mha packet node runs on bpq32 with radio ports on 145.050mhz, 14.105mhz, telnet and axip Internet links.  Ham radio packet connections can also connect via radio to the EMCOMMNY BBS via the BPQ node main menu.  You just never know who may be lurking and from where!

The bbs menu system is dull downed a bit to accommodate the slow 300-1200 baud radio transfer rates.  Some radio connections taking several digipeater hops to reach the kc2mha node slowing it down even more.

Sign in with your call sign for packet radio access. Other telnet BBS functions are available to non HAM users.

Static Speakeasy

Message boards, games (Global War, LORD, BRE, DoorMUD, Tradewars 2, Galactic Overlord, etc). A rebirth of an old Amiga BBS I used to be a co-sysop on in NJ back in the early 90’s, the original ran on Paragon and, later, c/net. Might add Amiga files (as long as they’re legal) down the road.

Mutiny BBS

Just started December 2018. Synchronet BBS with a small but engaging user-base so the games that are online are actively being played. Currently Mutiny has Legend of the Red Dragon, Global Wars, Mines of Gorr, Junkyard, Trade Wars 2002, Hexx Wars, Lost in Space, Gangland Wars and more

Palantir BBS

Old school file base, LOTS of DOOM/Duke/Quake/more files, multiple shareware CDROMs online. FidoNet, FSXNet, WhisperNet Echomail and DOVE-Net QWK mail.  Doorgames for fun.  New callers welcome.


Running Syncronet BBS and we are connected to several FTN networks like FidoNet, over 100,000 messages, 128,000 available files to download and lots of online games.

DOSzombie BBS

A Bulletin Board System completely dedicated to DOS. That includes programs, games & files. Tons of Shareware from way back, registered Legend of the Red Dragon 3.55 Going to make an attempt to convince computer users of today that DOS still has lots to offer & can be a new Social Media Platform!


The Gate BBS serving the online BBS community since 1980. DOVEnet, FidoNet. Inter BBS gaming and more.

Technician’s Hangout BBS

A BBS for any amateur radio operator that wants to participate and talk about any topic! File areas and Ham Radio Practice tests are provided.