Magic-1 Homebrew Computer

This is for the Magic-1 Telnet server. It runs full Minix version 2.2 and is connected to Telnet.

You can play various old school games like Zork and Adventure. It’s been online for over a decade now and I was surprised it’s not listed here. It runs on a homebrew CPU made by a friend of mine. It is similar to my own system, but more capable in terms of the software it runs (Minix).

Use the login ‘guest’ and the password ‘magic’



This is a system running on a homebrew 16-bit Minicomputer, built from 74 series logic. The entire CPU as well as the computer around it is built from 74 series logic alone and runs at 2.5MHz. The CPU supports virtual memory, 8 external interrupts as well as user and kernel modes. I am slowly improving the system, and will add various programs and games to it. Also there is free access into all of the computer at the moment!

You can access it with the embedded client below, however I noticed there is no echo on it, or local editing, so it will seem to you nothing is being input when it is. Simply press Return after typing your input data(the data won’t show as you type it unfortunately).

Dank Domain: The Return of Hack & Slash

Ɗanƙ Ɗomaiƞ is basically a bulletin board built around a medieval role-playing atmosphere (or is it the other way around?). Instead, you LIVE the online game as you kill, steal, brawl, and joust the other members to gain levels and fortune.


PhreakNet is the premiere BBS for phreaks and telephone collectors everywhere. Chat, messaging, games, and exclusive file access available through the BBS. Dial in at (406) 957-1741!

N3HYM Amateur Radio BBS

BPQ32 Full Service Digital Bulletin Board  System serving Frederick County, MD. 21702


Member of the Radio Relay International group utilizing the DTN , NTS, for traffic an message handling of a priority or routine messages.

Check for additional details under my callsign.

Enjoy the system



Sands of Time

Sands of Time ( is a text-mode MMO implemented as a telnet BBS. It is implemented in the space-based setting of a large galaxy with a hundred smaller connected star clusters. It allows online chatting between users on radio channels, includes a news system, allows the creation of user-owned corporations, and provides many other methods of interactions, including live combat. The game is similar to some of the old *BBS door games, but larger and far faster. In addition to human users, the system contains aliens flying around the galaxy. These aliens never attack the humans, but can themselves be attacked for loot, specifically money, Starships, and their high-tech UFO’s. There is a graphical clien under development to build a more conventional MMO on a second realm, but the Sands of Time realm is intended to remain free and telnet-only.


We believe that BBS DOOR GAMES can only be played one way, by dialing into a BBS! Retrodome is a colorful ANSI menu BBS loaded with Door Games. It’s a fun and functional trip down memory lane, enjoy!

Archaic Binary

Archaic Binary is an easy to use BBS open to the public. Lots to do! I have created the majority of doors myself, tools available for playing around. Door games locally and via game networks. We have active message areas, local and networked. Advanced security available with SyncTERM using SSH (username/password in SyncTERM is archaic/binary, you will authenticate later), Two Factor Authentication on accounts, SFTP Access available to files.

Custom Doors like; Your Local Weather, Reddit Reader, Justice Stats & Crime Stats from DoJ, NASA Astronaut Photo of the Day, Live Data from Religion of Peace, BBS Listings pulled monthly from “The Telnet BBS Guide”, Torrent Searching, and USCCA Stories, and Small Pastebin door that allows public and private pastes.

Some doors are integrated with access via HTTPS (USCCA, Pastebins, etc…) links are generated with my home-made link shorting service, Archaic.Link

Home of ArchaicNET the public BBS File Sharing Network.

No need for archaic ZModem/XModem/YModem protocols on Archaic Binary, instead “HTTPmodem” will generate short links and allow you to download files over HTTP/HTTPS. Legacy protocols are still available for expert users.

Join our Discord server for notifications, updates, announcements and more:
Archaic Binary is also home to some free BBS door/binary releases:

A large multi-node BBS where users from all over the world come to play Legend of the Red Dragon. The BBS hosts multiple LORD realms with different variations of IGM’s and settings.