Lost Worries

WWiV 4.24a Running on a vintage Pentium 2 based PC. Telnet Connection provided by a Raspberry Pi running Fozztexx TCPser.

Thunder Storm BBS

Small town BBS from the early 90’s that was involved in Fidonet and Lakelink networks.

Battlestar Atlantis

Old school BBS running Wildcat 4.20. Door games and message nets including Retronet, Ilink, and gamenet. BBS is expanding weekly. Come visit today

After Hours BBS II

Wildcat Winserver BBS running more then enough doors for your enjoyment! Also new messaage areas coming our way and of course always looking for new files.


Wildcat BBS 5.x Telnet Telnet://wcbbs.ddnsfree.com 6800 Web: http://wcbbs.ddnsfree.com 10080 Supporting: ■ Amniga ■ Commodore 64/128 ■ FreeBSD ■ Linux ■ Macintosh ■ Trs-80 Color Computer ■ Unix ■ Microsoft Windows Messages, files and lots of online games


Small BBS in Ireland using BBBS under Linux. Various FTN networks and adding more and more stuff