What the Dormouse Said

A place to relax. We offer Inter-BBS chat with other Synchronet BBSes, Dove-net, will add more as we continue to be online. The Sysop previously ran a BBS back in the heyday of dial-up.

LostWorries BBS

A fresh start of a WWIV 4.24a Board heralding a triumphant return to the scene.

Back to The Bible BBS

Spt Visits Spy BBS is no more, I have replaced it with Back to The Bible BBS, located at backtothebiblebbs.ddns.net, all the changes are in place , same type of BBS different name.


Oldschoolfl bbs is a fun place to play door games and chat will be adding more door games

DarkAges BBS

Dark Ages BBS a multi-node BBS from 1994 to December 1999, we moved from the Blanchard area to a remote unknown location 🙂 It was of the few multi-node BBSes in Oklahoma City. There were only 2 others and they were pay BBSes. In 1996 we started okie.net