Rusty MailBox BBS

The Rusty MailBox is an old school BBS. We have Message areas including Fidonet and fsxNet. A growing filebase and a few doors. Offline mail is supported with QWK, Blue Wave and other offline packet types.

Eight Bit (8-Bit) Boyz BBS

The companion BBS to the website. Offering online games, Infocom games, message boards with echo networks like Fido, fsxNet, Retronet, Commodore Net!

Southern Charm BBS

Registered LORDs, Lunatix, Shift Zone, Tradewars 2002, Virtual Sysop III, Ambroshia and more. Plenty of message areas to join. FidoNet connected (1:124/5019) We’re constantly adding more games and message networks.


Since 1992, RetroTyme in NJ provides all the classic Multi-User games: Mutants!, TradeWars 2002, Blademasters, Galactic Empire, Major Mud, Lords of Cyberspace, Lunatix, Kyrandia, Swords of Chaos, and MANY more! We have REAL prizes for many games (in the form of gift cards) Come join us today!


LushBBS is the only place to play Majesty Chapters This BBS features ANSI art from the artist @MaxMouse__

Star Collision BBS

Star Collision BBS was a RemoteAccess BBS founded in the summer of 1993.
The BBS mainly focused on text files, DOS utilities and FidoNet echomail conferences.

A dedicated phone line was installed on January 10, 1994. After being a FidoNet point (2:206/120.6) for some time, the BBS became a FidoNet node (2:206/137) on August 4, 1995 and switched to 24h opening hours.

The BBS was first run on an Intel 386SX-40; later on an Intel 486DX4-100, an Intel Pentium MMX 200 and an AMD K6-2 400.

Modems used were a SupraFAXModem 24/96i, a PowerBit 14400 (March 1994), a USRobotics Sportster 28800 (May 31, 1996), a USRobotics Courier HST DS 14400, a USRobotics Sportster Vi 28.8 Faxmodem and a USRobotics Sportster Flash x2.

The last registered user signed up on September 6, 1997. The FidoNet node (2:206/137) was marked “Down” on October 24, 1997, and was removed on December 12, 1997. The dedicated phone line was decommissioned and the BBS closed down due to declining calls, lack of time and interest, and the advent of Internet and the World Wide Web (WWW).

The BBS was re-opened on August 3, 2019 – now using Mystic BBS on Linux – and joined fsxNet (21:1/202) on August 12, 2019.

It supports Telnet and SSH for users as well as Fido Technology Network (FTN) protocols binkp (IBN), fido/ifcico (IFC) and tfido (ITN/IVM) for echomail/netmail transfers. Dial-up is currently not available to the public, but preparations have been made for the future with a USRobotics Courier External 56K V.92 Global Dial-Up Business Modem (Courier V.Everything).

The BBS will focus on echomail conferences and file echos for the time being, with more to come in the future.

Funknown BBS

The Funknown BBS (FUBBS) is a telnet-accessible MajorBBS/MBBS system. It’s running the same software and has many of the same features of the old Phoenix-area BBSes I used to call as a teenager: The Unknown BBS (TUBBS), CHHS, East Valley Online, Sho-Tron, The Rock Garden, and others.

Tower of High Sorcery

MajorBBS just like it used to be back in the day. Massive amount of games: Galactic Empire, Forbidden Lands, Crossroads, Mutants, The Casino, Trivia, TLORD, Blade Master, Tele-Arena, Kyrandia, and more! Plus our WorldGroup Games Annex – MajorMud, Tournament Chess, GalactiWars and more!