Westwood BBS II

Focus areas: MAME, DOS , Coleco, Commodore and Atari emulation.
Additionally, Flight simulation. BBS is fresh out of the gate and looking
forward to suggestions for growth area. fsxNET, Retronet and Metronet
member; DOORs games via BBS-Link and DoorParty. Multiple themes for user

Wreck Hall

This is a nostalgic recreation of Rec Hall which was a board run in Ocala, FL in the 90’s. Feel free to jump in and say hi, or enjoy the board.


Wormhole II BBS

This is a BBS to honor a departed sysop friend, it will have sports and Sci-Fi chat, wide variety of door games and files..

Wrong Number IV BBS

One of only 2 Image BBS v3.0 BBS’ this BBS is the update to Image BBS v2.0 which was released in December of 2018. 3.0 is what 2.0 should have been. A word of warning though, this BBS is a ALPHA test BBS, and with that you may experience errors or problems. Full 40 and 80 column support, ANSI Graphics emulation for PC Users, NISSA Network carrying 23 Echo’s from other Image BBS’ across the country. Please call anyway and help us test and get this BBS software to where it can and will be..

WWIV Frontier BBS

Come Check us out!!

The WWIV Frontier BBS

telnet: 2333

Web: frontierbbs net


File Area! (Online Doors being worked on)

Running WWIV/Linux!

Wrong Number ]I[ BBS

The Wrong Number family of BBS’ is proud to announce the opening of a Brand New CNet v5.21b Pro BBS serving the Amiga/Commodore community. Featuring CommodoreNet and RetroNet Echo Networks (Some more in the future) Online PFiles, At the moment 3 Game Servers (BCR – Black Country Rock, Quazar Game Server, and an In House Game Server) Files are being added by the day and will specialize in Amiga/Commodore CD’s and Files. CNet JoinLink Chat System hooked up to approximately 10 other BBS’ for your chatting fun. I feel it is like the old Qlink days when chatting in it. If you remember Qlink you will know what I mean.

Wrong Number ][ BBS

Old School, with a touch of today. Over 300 Doors via game servers, including our own Wrong Number Family Door Server. fsxNet, CommodoreNet, RetroNet, FidoNet, CombatNet Games and Message bases, doREnet, AmigaNet, SciNet, GameNet, to name a few. New in-house Game Server added which holds many registered games, Old School File Base with many older Shareware CD’s. InterBBS File Servers, both from a distance and our own. If you are a sysOp and would like to carry our InterBBS File Server. Log on and leave me feedback or email me at


All Wrong Number BBS’ are now available via a Website also.


Wildcat’s Castle BBS

Bulletin, Messages, Files, Door games, chat, and other info. in BBS. BBS info/
bulletin, game scores, comic and photo of any castles in Web page. L.O.R.D.,
WT-LORD, Tradewars 2002 game server, and more. Wildcat! v4, and Synchronet

Willow Creek BBS

C-64c, Thunderdrive, WiFi modem, 2400 baud 24/7.

ANSI Graphics Supported

Wizard’s Castle

Wizard’s Castle is a neigbor of Wildcat’s Castle BBS.
Files, messages, door games, and other info. BBS scores
and ftelnet in the webpage. Synchronet system.


An active affiliate club of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL). Based in Charlotte, NC, the club has been serving Amateur Radio Operators, or Hams, in Mecklenburg County and the surrounding areas since it was founded in 1949. Access is for licensed Amateur Operators Only. Email:

Wretched Beagle BBS

The Wretched Beagle was originally set up in 1993 in Traverse City Michigan running WWIV 4.24 on a 386/25 notebook computer.

The current incarnation was set up in 2014 on linux and is primarily a test system to help with developing WWIV 5  Since it’s running the latest bleeding-edge WWIV5.3, things are likely rough around the edges.  It’s mostly stock (because content gets overwritten a lot), but you are welcome to stop by and check out the message bases.

SSH works, but only via SyncTERM

Wrong Number ][ V1.2b

The 2016 reincarnation of Bucko’s Wrong Number ][ BBS last run in 1994. Now running at 19.2K Baud, 4.1Gb Thunderdrive, Commodore 64C, FD2K Firedrive, SD2IEC. Networked message boards, Games, C/G Movies, Text files and a large UD library.


The WABAC Machine BBS (Wavelength Acceleration Bidirectional Asynchronous Controller). In the middle of the 1950’s the US government started research into Time Travel. This led to the construction of the largest computer ever built to date. This long forgotten computer was and is still funded by a government BLACK program. The people who keep the system running don’t even know what it is used for anymore. We found a backdoor through a maintenance port. Telnet in and step back in time! (The WABAC Machine BBS) Running Worldgroup 2.0! Online since 1994. Galactic Empire, TW2002(Pro), 2 Lord Games, Wilderness MUD, SUB Striker and a lot more! Free Access, Internet Email, IRC and more!

Wizard’s Rainbow

Formerly Bit Sunrise BBS, Wizard’s Rainbow has been online since 2014. We provide a unique experience with an completely original BBS format complete with custom BCR games & chances to win real prizes! We also host a large, original file base online, active caller base and multiple message networks.



Wintermute BBS

Established in 2009 and located in Düsseldorf (Germany) Wintermute BBS has a focus on classic computers with a bias towards Commodore computers as well as the (not yet retro) Rasspberry Pi SBC.

The bbs features a files section (x-/y-/z-modem downloads, just like the old days!), chat, netmail, local and networked bulletin boards (FIDO Net, BBS-Network) and popular RSS newsfeeds. For entertainment you may choose from a selection of classic DOS door games for you to enjoy.

The bbs migrated to a new software (MBSE BBS) on january 1st, 2019 after ten years of permanent operation and has been re-designed and re-organized. Data from the existing file areas was migrated from the old software to MBSE BBS as well.

While german is the primary language, english is also spoken and there are menus and RSS feeds available for both languages.

Weather Station BBS

Been online since the early 80s. Running a highly modded WWIV 4.24 under VMware/eCommstation. (4) nodes via telnet.