Vortex BBS (2)

Wildcat BBS, since 1996, reloaded couple of times. Fidonet, Amiganet

Vault BBS

Away from BBS’s for a long time and wanting to visit them again? Never visited one? A little bit lost?
At The Vault BBS we have a simple philosophy: retro doesn’t have to be complicated!
– Clean menus, easy to understand and follow (we even point out in bright colours the sections that you should NOT miss).
– TOP 10 of the most popular interBBS’s Door Games, but if you want, you can choose from more than 200!
Only the most important global messaging networks: ArakNet (the most exclusive), FidoNet Spain / International (an all time classic), fsxNet (the most active) & RetroNet (the most geek) clearly arranged so you can find everything easily.
And no, we don’t have thousands of FILES. The ones we have are selected to be worth downloading: Atari, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, DOS & Windows 3.1 files. And CURATED historical retrospective of ANSI/ASCII art packs.


The Vault is being protected by Don Rolo (former SysOp of The Connection BBS #2 during the ‘80s and founder of & Irrompibles video games magazine) and Don Epi (better know as Epimundo in his Youtube channel, he’s devoted to spread wisdom and love about ansi & ascii art & retro video games).

Vortex BBS (1)

An oldschool board from the 1997 art scene in the 864 area. Totally art’d out and modded. Original in-house developed apps. Unique BBS experience, classic and modern..

Vague BBS

I have Operation Overkill ][, Legend of the Red Dragon, Usurper, Barren Realms Elite, Planets: The Exploration of Space, NetRunner, and I’m adding more every so often. Want a game? Send me a message.

5 nodes. Door games. Fidonet. DOVE-Net. Remote CP/M

Remote CP/M System running on Altair 8800 and/or Altair Clone. New system just getting started (Dec. 2016) using circa 1981 CP/M software. File transfer with XMODEM.COM and simple BBS using MINIRBBS. Run A:MAIL for message system.

Vengeance BBS

Vengeance BBS

BBS dedicated to underground culture, retrogaming, (retro)programming, hacking, indipendent music and cyberpunk.

Veleno BBS

A horror oriented BBS where for the first time ANSI screens are dynamic and no longer static like in old styles …… What are you waiting for ??? Come and look at this innovative system!
At the BBS you can find lots of Files, Messages, Newsgroups, Doors and many others!

Freddy Krueger is back again !!!!

Web URL:
Telnet: telnet://
Synchronet BBs v3.17b

Valley BBS

Home of KTFO: Boxing and the Arena: Warrior remake. Fido, games, custom menus.

Valhalla Home Services (Synchronet)

Valhalla Home Services went online on April 12, 1991. At that time we used GAP software, then switched to Remote Access, and now we are using Synchronet. Valhalla is a family orented BBS, with a gaming theme. We have over 150 Registered OnLine Games. In addition to the games, we have a large message area featuring many networks. For those of you looking for those older files, we feature a very large filebase. Drop on by, and take a look.


Home of Synchronet Multi-Node BBS Software and Synchronet Match Maker (development resumed by the author in late 1999), co-founder of DOVE-Net, exploring the possibilities of integrating BBS and classic Internet technologies into a single, scalable package. Are you a sysop suffering with a 16-bit, single-threaded, non-scalable, non-native, non-Y2K compliant, non-supported, non-multiuser BBS package? Check out Synchronet! Win32 and OS/2 flavors!