UpsideDownMagic (TWGS)

TradeWars is on port 2002 – unlimited turns, 1,000,000 initial credits, 2,500 fighters, 75 holds.

UpsideDownMagic (Worldgroup)

MajorMUD is on port 23 – I will give you an instant boost to level 40, it’s a stock realm, and you can have any item you want right away. (Except for the quest rings, that’s a right of passage! :D) You can make up to 3 characters! I hope you’ll come by and make a character and hang out.  Thanks!

TradeWars is on port 2002 – unlimited turns, 1,000,000 initial credits, 2,500 fighters, 75 holds, two universes.

Underground BBS (1)

The Underground BBS

Skip the read and get on with it Gangster, the telnet login from our main page!   Lets get to work and create a community for all, and rebel the corporations trying to control all.



Breaking News:

Like any “organization” the internet ( or streets as we call them) were running fine from 2003 until 2019, when the COVID19 Gang entered our territory and started a major crime war.  As a result, our famlia have had no choice but rise to the occasion, ressurecting The Underground on Mystic 1.45a,, to fight this common enemy.  Our official reunification was April 2020 and we are here to stay.  Needing safety from the Gang?  It’s not save on the streets ya know … all you hear about is their terror, they’re on the news, even commercials are talking about this COVID19 Gang.  Within the walls of our protection, you pick an alias and have the pleasure of freedom of expression, speech, privacy, and none of those cops “ad-trackin” your a$$ …  No Boss, not even the Godfather, monitoring your usage, your content, unless posted to an affiliated news group (see below,) your political affiliations, your memes, nor your extra curricular activity —  be yourself, you’re among family at the Underground.

When the cities are large, the streets are fully of noise, and every shop and restaurant begins looking the same (web pages,) take a break — go Retro — and be a part of a community where minds like yours collect, and true friends are made sight unseen.


Brief history

  • My BBS experience began on a Commodore 64, running dialup terminals to call BBS’s, war dialing prefixs of telephone numbers to find modem connections, and doing being a part of a teen
  • “Game sharing” club.  This lead me to running “The Paradise Inn” in Arvada Colorado from 1984 thru 1987.  I then closed down and moved in with my Dad a town too small to support a BBS system
  • the Underground BBS originally ran in Arvada Colorado from 1989, after buying an XT 8088 stamped with the name Commodore, purchased from JC Penny.
  • The BBS ran from 1989 until approximately 2000 without interuption, other the the next bullet, then I ran one on/off again from 2001 until 2010, however call volumn was minimul as telnet traffic.
  • A job relocation to Salt Lake City Utah was the only interuption during that time span, as I launched a new  — The Ultimate BBS — running Telegard Software as an experiment. 
  • Telegard was a nice BBS package with tons of configuration for those that didn’t know coding.  However my desire to have “full control” writing C++ mods was more of a desire to me.
  • Therefore, The Underground BBS returned, running its long lived preference of a heavily modified WWIV  system.   
  • In the mid 90’s The Underground BBS was featured with a full spread article within The Westword Magazine, a free underground news paper distributed in Colorado.  
  • In late March of 2020, I launched The Underground 2 1/2 using Mystic BBS software, and we are here to stay.  As the power of a BBS is far superior now then ever before, particularly in how they can interact with the internet, pull data from the internet, and create a singular interface has my user and I’s desired content “all in one.”

Give us a Shot!

  • BBS’s stay true to block art, “ANSI” artists have evolved beyond your imagination, if you had BBS’ed back in the day, or are less familiar with the digital art community; block art being one of them.
  • GIF images and or other various graphic formats, are limited in their inability to display and or sheer rebellion to the thought of BBS software writers — this in it of itself is what makes BBS’s so special — if you love communicating with the written word, are a sapiosexual and or simply more interested within a persons MIND, and using your own; pictures are not necessary. If you like cerebral gaming compared to simply cool graphics and live play, one more reason to give it  good solid month long experiment.
  • However modern pictures can be shared via email and or the file areas, you’ll find beautiful Earth Science, Nasa, and other various photos worth browsing, once the file has been “uncompressed/Extracted” from I/OS, Linus, and Dos/Windows
  • BBS’s are one of the only form of truly free communication, where ones true self and expression is welcome without risk.  There is no database to confirm nor a need to, your real name, nor blast it back “up” to social media sites.  With BBS’s you enjoy anonymity free fear of a friend or relative un-liking you on a Social Media platform, or employer placing your values in question, or worse one that is snooping your profiles for employment consideration.
  • I know you 20 somethings … I have a daughter your age, and a sister as well.  Both love the Retro Scene, rejection of government and corporate control of our minds and data, and Exploring Nostalgia — you’re missing something by not logging on, and investing considering it as an alternative Social Media platform.  It’s a music festival of words; BYOmusic to keep in the background as you lose yourself within the BBS scene.
  • While BBS’s kind of live more in the depth of the web, it is still suggested to connect to a BBS with positive intent — these are not the homes of terrorism, buying and selling guns, drugs, or pornography.   These would be a Retro way of experiencing Social media on a completely elevated level, with a pinch of old school that might surprise you as being incredibly fun.
  • If you’re a tech head, you’ll find some of the greatest minds to learn from or converse with.
  • And last but not least, think of BBS’ing as a neighborhood with almost each home having a resident from a different country.  As you communicate with other English speaking BBS owners and or users through our networks, you’ll discover new friends from Asia to South America, Australia to Canada, from Africa to the Middle East, and everywhere in between.  And you’d be surprised to find many users and operators (SysOps) of BBS’s lurking online that live within hours of you.  Its a local community comprised of many nations.  In these instances, through networked discussion areas, you won’t find traditional political discussions as often common interests among all parties (left and right) from across the world.

Our Affiliations: 

ZERONet, FSXNet, AGORANet, SPORTSNet, and FIDONet.  All offer a wide range of topics you can jump right into with others around the world

Online Games

Files Files Files .. looking to build our library, give a few take whatever you like.

Unique features added daily in an attempt to bring the streets to a singular place for your to explore, participate within, without the noise and invasive loss of privacy.


UNCENSORED! is a legendary free speech BBS, online since 1988. We have a friendly environment that emphasized a real “folksy” online conversation place, NOT files. There’s quite a wacky and unique crowd here. Join us onine and have some fun!