TAK Software BBS

Official home of TAK Software, formerly known as wsSoftware. I have all the usual stuff, Fidonet message echos, registered door games, and tons of files, but this is where all the great TAK Software is made! Awesome Software for Winserver SysOPs! Free keys for some old wsSoftware programs with a DIY key generator!

Tower of High Sorcery

MajorBBS just like it used to be back in the day. Massive amount of games: Galactic Empire, Forbidden Lands, Crossroads, Mutants, The Casino, Trivia, TLORD, Blade Master, Tele-Arena, Kyrandia, and more! Plus our WorldGroup Games Annex – MajorMud, Tournament Chess, GalactiWars and more!

Telegard Prison Board

A resurrected Telegard added to the Prison Board BBS Group.  A full fledged bbs with echomail, files and games.

Three Hundred (300) F-ing Baud BBS

300 F-ing Baud BBS.

It’s not really 300 Baud…

This is a Single Node BBS running RyBBS.
It is designed with the Older Computer
in mind.  40 or 80 Column computers.
Sorry, No Dial-Up.
The site hosts TONS of old computer
software for you to Download.
It also has several Door Games like:

Pimp Wars
BBS Crash
Jet Combat
Mech Wars
And these original Door Games by Gary Crunk
Star Trek Enhanced
Break the Web
Motel Kalifornia!

In order to download, you can’t use
programs like Syncterm because the
downloads won’t work.  I suggest using
programs such as Procomm in DOS.

If you forget to add the 2525 at the end,
you will end up at Another F-ing BBS.

Check out my 2 Other BBS’s:
Another F-ing BBS:
Quazar BBS Door Game Server:


Gary Crunk

Terminal Obsession

Running latest Amiexpress Build 5.1 (May 2019) on real Amiga 4000 /60 4 Nodes C64,Amga,/x,Console

Technician’s Hangout BBS

A BBS for any amateur radio operator that wants to participate and talk about any topic! File areas and Ham Radio Practice tests are provided. **DIAL UP IS BACK!!!**

Thirteenth (13th) Leader BBS

13th Leader is a reboot of an 8-bit Atari 800 XL  BBS from back in the late 1980’s!  Originally hosted out of Hamilton Ontario Canada!   Back in the 80’s we ran on  8-bit “Home Grown”  BBS software and 2  5-1/4″  floppy drives.     Still hosted in Southern Ontario but now running Mystic BBS.

New users are always welcome!

$ telnet 8023    *  Atari Discussion, Atari Tech Information,  Games and much more!


Goto for more info and other Atari content and downloads!



Tommy’s Holiday Camp

In addition to being the alpha site for NanoBBS, Rancho Nevada, TommCHAT, and numerous other doors and DOS utlities, Tommy’s Holiday Camp briefly held the world record for most text files on a site in 1994. As a dialup BBS, THC had six phone lines. As a telnet BBS, we’ve started at 72 nodes!

Thunderbolt BBS

Running Synchronet 3.17b, Arkansas’ EXCLUSIVE Ham Radio and Weather BBS, features, messages, files, and doors, with G/PG content. Christian Material is online for those wanting it. The BBS is down for thunderstorm potential and maintenance. Entry of a CAPTCHA code is required upon connect. SSH is back online, but the port is not conventional. Verified Users In Good Standing can Email Feedback To Sysop if they want the port number.

Throwback BBS

Mystic BBS, 5 lines. Running the latest version on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+. Owner of DoorParty door server, sign up at


50+ ANSI Games, 60+ HTML Games. Large Filebase (DOS-WIN7) including WC4/WC5 applications. NETWORKS: FIDONET, ILINK, SSINET, and NEWSGROUPS. Outbound Telnet/FTP/IRC Chat, QWK/REP Packets via HTTP Ping, Lookup, TraceRoute, Finger, Whois Utilities via TELNET. Connections available via WWW, Telnet, FTP, NNTP, POP3. Now offering Telnet via internet browser (Flash & HTML5). Home of the ILink message network. FULL ACCESS on FIRST CALL.


Command-ilne museum retro environment. Attempts to mimick experiential aspects of the usenet/arpanet circa 1980-1990.

Tiny’s BBS

Tiny’s BBS is back running Ezycom. Have some great door games, and the best message networks. TIny’s BBS has been around since 1985 with a short break to become web only for 2009. Great file base, Great doors, Great Files, free access, check us out now!