We’ve got over 100+ doors, including doors from BBSLink and DoorParty. We also have FidoNet, fsxNet and Micronet. The sysop (Nick) is on most of the time and would love a chat 🙂


This BBS is available via dial-up over C*NET. If you’re interested in BBSes then you’ll like C*NET.

  • Either head onto and sign up for a block of phone numbers – they should process this within 48 hours.
  • Or, contact me at and I’ll give you a number 🙂

You’ll have to put the details into an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) and you’ll be able to plug a modem into that.

This BBS is accessible at +44 (0) 1-421-6425.


So you like to play games?

TQPS is set in an immersive environment with each menu bringing a little life and curiosity to “The Facility”.

From the login screen and even sign-up process you’re exposed to subtle hints that the Facility is a lot bigger than you initially thought so pay close attention to possible clues that might help you to unlock all it’s secrets (There’s a lot of extra content hidden behind puzzles).

NPCs wander the Facility halls and may visit you at random intervals to offer hints and some may lead you stray. Be careful!

Evie, the Facility’s A.I. is capable of performing specific tasks, which may include processing hints, clues and flags.

We have custom games, modules and content with a lot more planned on the road-map for development including the new “World Of TextCraft” game, built for WG3 95/NT.

Come and see why TQPS was Melbourne Metro’s 3rd most popular BBS in the 90’s!

TQPS has a 0 tolerance on abuse, misuse and harassment of players!

Titantic BBS Telnet, The

Renegade BBS Home

Over 400+ LOCAL Door Games

FidoNet, MetroNet, UUCP Message Areas

135 Shareware CDs ONLINE – Over 80 GIGS of files.

Access on FIRST call.  Telnet over today!

Tower of High Sorcery

MajorBBS just like it used to be back in the day. Massive amount of games: Galactic Empire, Forbidden Lands, Crossroads, Mutants, The Casino, Trivia, TLORD, Blade Master, Tele-Arena, Kyrandia, and more! Plus our WorldGroup Games Annex – MajorMud, Tournament Chess, GalactiWars and more!

Terminal Obsession

Running latest Amiexpress Build 5.1 (May 2019) on real Amiga 4000 /60 4 Nodes C64,Amga,/x,Console

This Old Cabin BBS

Welcome to This Old Cabin BBS, since 2021-01-01 multilingual with nodes in both swedish and english. The system has been up since 2017 and focuses on nice chatter with active message areas (10 000+ posts since the start) and nice doors with a registered version of Hack & Slash.

Connection can be established via Telnet, SSH or via our website.

Tommy’s Holiday Camp

In addition to being the alpha site for NanoBBS, Rancho Nevada, TommCHAT, and numerous other doors and DOS utlities, Tommy’s Holiday Camp briefly held the world record for most text files on a site in 1994. As a dialup BBS, THC had six phone lines. As a telnet BBS, we’ve started at 72 nodes!

Thunderbolt BBS

Running Synchronet 3.17b, Arkansas’ EXCLUSIVE Ham Radio and Weather BBS, features, messages, files, and doors, with G/PG content. Christian Material is online for those wanting it. The BBS is down for thunderstorm potential and maintenance. Entry of a CAPTCHA code is required upon connect. SSH is back online, but the port is not conventional. Verified Users In Good Standing can Email Feedback To Sysop if they want the port number.

Throwback BBS

Mystic BBS, 5 lines. Running the latest version on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+. Owner of DoorParty door server, sign up at


50+ ANSI Games, 60+ HTML Games. Large Filebase (DOS-WIN7) including WC4/WC5 applications. NETWORKS: FIDONET, ILINK, SSINET, and NEWSGROUPS. Outbound Telnet/FTP/IRC Chat, QWK/REP Packets via HTTP Ping, Lookup, TraceRoute, Finger, Whois Utilities via TELNET. Connections available via WWW, Telnet, FTP, NNTP, POP3. Now offering Telnet via internet browser (Flash & HTML5). Home of the ILink message network. FULL ACCESS on FIRST CALL.


Command-ilne museum retro environment. Attempts to mimick experiential aspects of the usenet/arpanet circa 1980-1990.

Tiny’s BBS

Tiny’s BBS is back running Ezycom. Have some great door games, and the best message networks. TIny’s BBS has been around since 1985 with a short break to become web only for 2009. Great file base, Great doors, Great Files, free access, check us out now!