Pot O’Gold BBS

I’m resurrecting my BBS from back in the early 90’s. I’m going to focus on getting more door games and get Fidonet running as well.

Prison Board (Renegade)

Prison Board Renegade BBS is a fully functional system with files, message and games. The system is connected to Fidonet, Metronet and fsxNet for messages and files. Games are reached seamlessly via our online game server and Tradewars server Other online game servers and Tradewars servers are on

PowerBBS Official Support BBS

PowerBBS Windows and Telnetable BBS software is now available after a break from 1997. It’s back in 2020 at

Physics BBS

Still running Renegade.  MetroNET, TQWNeT ZER0Net and MICRONET.

MASH around in our broken Iniquity board. !UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

Paladium BBS

Paladium since early 1990’s 50+ Dos based Door Games 10+ 32bit based Doors. Telnet out to other BBS’s. Full access on first call. NEW quick login and registration process. Please visit AvL-SyS our new BBS system with full a e-mail system. ssh, telnet, http, smtp, pop3.

Prison Board (Telegard)

A resurrected Telegard added to the Prison Board BBS Group.  A full fledged bbs with echomail, files and games.


PhreakNet is the premiere BBS for phreaks and telephone collectors everywhere. Chat, messaging, games, and exclusive file access available through the BBS. We have 23 modems in our modem bank. POTS connections are recommended but VoIP connections at 2400 baud also work well. Find the local access number nearest you at

Palantir BBS

Old school file base, LOTS of DOOM/Duke/Quake/more files, multiple shareware CDROMs online, many FDN area files.  FidoNet, DoveNet, FSXNet, SciNet, MicroNet, DeveloperNet, VKRadio, StarNet echomail.  Doorgames include LORD, Usurper, Sunrise, Cheepware, and more.  New callers welcome!


ProLine BBS, running on a custom version of the KEGS Apple IIgs emulator, running on Amazon EC2 Linux Server. Features a contemporary usenet feed, 30-year historical usenet feed, and selected RSS feeds. Login as “guest”, “cowsay”, or “adduser”.


Old Amiga Scene BBS from the 90’s Now restored from a backup and running emulated in the cloud.

Part-Time BBS

Part-Time was the longest running Atari 8 bit BBS in the Cleveland Ohio 216 area code. It was originally up from from 1985 to early 2000. Part-Time was also one of the first BBSs to run BBS Express Pro! software. Part-Time’s Pro! node number is 7!

This version of the BBS was recovered with back-up disks from 1990. It includes restored messages/message bases from 1988-1990, some restored file sections, and several original online games.

Prison Board (VADV)

Virtual Advanced BBS software running the VADV Prison BBS.  A free hobbyist system with FidoNet message areas and games.  Web Site login also available.

Can be found at:

Phoenix BBS

FidoNet New England Regional Coordinator. Micronet Assistant Zone Coordinator. Full FidoNet backbone echomail feed and FileGate file feed. Registered doors running under DOSEMU.


Play Legend of the Red Dragon, talk about games and programming (and programming games). Also a testbed for homebrew Mystic programs.

Penalty Box BBS

Thanks for your interest in The Penalty Box!  You can login right from this page.  If you wish to use a BBS Telnet client, we recommend SyncTerm or Qodem.  Just point either of them to and use port 23.  We hope to see you online soon!

Prison Board (Mystic)

This is the main Prison BBS of all that are available at RDFIG Computer Solutions.  It is the flagship.  Many things to do, tons of message areas including Usenet and more games you can play.

It is a hobbyist board and therefore full logon access on the first logon.

Particles! BBS

Particles! BBS is a retro-themed BBS, running on retro-themed hardware.  However, when we started in 1992, we weren’t retro… the world has just started catching up to us now 🙂  We’re running on a Commodore 128D, with 640K of RAM (which should be enough for anyone….).  Also:

  • 50,000+ Commodore 64, 128, CP/M, Vic-20, Plus/4 files (PAL and NTSC), GEOS, MODs and more!
  • Retro Usenet – read messages like it’s 1985!
  • Usenet – Yup, a Commodore BBS running Usenet.  I wrote the module, so I know it works 😉
  • Doors  doors doors..  Everything from Empire to … wait, there’s other stuff besides Empire?
  • Active!  That’s a rarity.  Since we re-rolled the board in August 2014, we just rolled over 38,000 calls, 25,000 messages, and over 900 users.