Fool’s Quarter BBS

Door game based BBS, over 75 registered or free games online.  I have a few golden oldies like Esterian Conquest, LORD 1 & 2, BRE, Kannons & Katapults, DoorMud, Falkenpede.  And a few newer ones, Ambroshia, Darkness 2.0, and I just put online For Honour and Galactic Dynasty.  I have many more, come check it out.

I run my games off Gamesrv for smooth operation.  Gamesrv and Synchronet are on the same computer, you RLogin from one to the other seemless.  If I didn’t tell you about it you’d never know.

I do have FidoNet and DoveNet for your messaging pleasure.

Forze BBS

IRC live chat, Live Sysop paging, WotLK server, Coding

Farm BBS

Farming, software, technology, research, finance.

Final Zone BBS

Final Zone BBS is a Bulletin Board System focused on conversation about vintage technology, gaming, and the like with a goal of being a kind of haven away from the typical “noise” of social media – the memes, the emoji, the trends, the flood of meaningless “me too” posts, and all of the “flavor of the week” mess that makes social media almost useless to some of us.

As stated above, the board has a heavy focus on technology and gaming, but open discussion about virtually whatever is welcome. The goal is to focus on the conversation and the sharing of information and to have fun while doing it. Additionally, uploads and sharing of interesting files or programs relevant to these topics is encouraged, within reason.

Email service is also provided which is fully compatible with older machines — this can be used for many purposes, from just normal communication to file transfers from modern machines to vintage computers that cannot handle the modern web.

The BBS runs on Synchronet and is connected to DOVE-Net for those interested in networked communications. Otherwise it is purely focused on local chat. Additionally, the IRC client built in to the system will connect you to the ##bbs-squad channel on freenode, where members of this board often chat in real time. It is a small but close knit community, one that welcomes new members who share a love of tech and gaming.

The board supports multiple login methods, such as  plain telnet, SSH, rlogin, and even NNTP and read-only Gopher access (depending on client used.)

Stop by and say “hi” today!

The main menu.
Some of the local message sections available.
The logoff prompt.


FreeSpeak BBS

The FreeSpeak, home of BBS GameTime.  Over 120 games and counting!

Funknown BBS

The Funknown BBS (FUBBS) is a telnet-accessible MajorBBS/MBBS system. It’s running the same software and has many of the same features of the old Phoenix-area BBSes I used to call as a teenager: The Unknown BBS (TUBBS), CHHS, East Valley Online, Sho-Tron, The Rock Garden, and others.

Freeside BBS

Hey everyone,

We were down for a few weeks due to to a major SD card SNAFU. But we are back now
and rebuilding at a furious pace.

Also planning to flesh out the filez section soon with several gigs of comics and old
magazines from the past. Which ones? Well you will have to check in and see won’t you?

See you there!



Fusion BBS

FuSiON BBS runs on a Raspberry Pi3 with Mystic BBS software.

Member of ‘fsxnet’ and other echomail.

Brought up to support retro computers like IBM PC’s, TI-99/4A, Geneve 9640,



Fatcats BBS

Your friendly neighbourhood BBS. Loads of custom code. Unique multiplayer roguelike BBS environment (SyncHack). Oodles of files.


A Liberty minded.. bbs with qwk/messages usenet/newsgroups and door games. Helping to preserve the memory of the USS Liberty.