A Citadel with intresting topics including computer programming, ham radio, blindness, Qigong, and Taoism.

Diamond Mine Online (WWIV)

The old WWIV version of the Diamond Mine Online is back! This is based upon the original Diamond Mine BBS from 1993. A brand new BBS, but done in the old school way.

This is the companion BBS to the Synchronet based Diamond Mine Online that’s been in operation since 2000. (And before that as VBBS and Virtual Advanced.)


Demigoth BBS

Demigoth BBS is focused on the old school cool of classic BBS door games.  This includes a fully registered Tradewars 2002 game server (TWGS) running multiple games with different configurations. New TW2002 universies are banged regularly.  We’re also running other favorites such as Legend of the Red Dragon (L.O.R.D.), LORD II: The New World, Planets the Exploration of Space, Barren Realms Elite, Global War, Usurper, DoorMUD, and others.

Digital-X DHQ

Amiga elite , on board , Amiga ECS/AGA , C64 , Snes , GB/GBC/GBA , Sony PSP ISO , N64

Dark Systems BBS

Dark Systems BBS, originally running from 1992 until 1998, has been reborn in 2020!
Still running RemoteAccess and an active member of several message nets.
Some great door games await you with InterBBS play courtesy of BBSLink & BCR Games!
Dark Systems BBS was one of the main couriers for bringing Demoscene productions into Canada in the early to mid 1990s.
Drop by for a cup of nostalgia!

DarkForce! BBS, The

Started in the early 90’s, The DarkForce BBS is an Atari ST hardware and software based BBS. It runs on an Atari Mega ST4, with an AdSpeed accelerator board, 4 gigs of SCSI hard drive space, and 2x CDROM, connected to the Internet by a Lantronix UDS-10 serial port to LAN adapter, at 19.2k speeds. The DarkForce BBS runs on BBS Express! ST v1.98a software. Occasionally, we give away monthly prizes. Atari ‘centric, but all callers are welcome.


Digicom BBS

Originally started in 1983 on a Commodore Vic-20, Digicom has seen over 37 years of changes. In the early 90’s we added the Internet to our BBS interface and later became a web hosting company. These days with MysticBBS, we have door games, news, downloads for vintage computers and more!

Deep Thought BBS

Deep Thought BBS focus is on BBS tech, memories, Linux, general topics, and a little bit of levity. There are a number of Door games and the BBS can be accessed directly from the website. The focus is to bring like-minded people together in a smaller, more manageable community at a slower pace. Quality, not quantity.

Dank Domain login

Dank Domain: The Return of Hack & Slash

Ɗaɳƙ Ɗoɱaiɳ is basically a bulletin board built around a medieval role-playing atmosphere (or is it the other way around?). Instead, you LIVE the online game as you kill, steal, brawl, and joust the other members to gain levels and fortune.

Darkwood BBS

Running Mudrev with lots of fixes and updated content. More details available here:


BBS Software: HolyMoses modded C*Base 3.1 with 57600 Baud
Hardware:        C64R MK2, SuperCPU, RAMLink, HD, Turbo232, SD2IEC w/ Wifi-SD


Deep Space Gateway BBS


                                Deep Space Gateway BBS

This BBS runs on old technology! It’s also running on New Technology, Windows 10 32 bit. Who says you have to have a new modern bbs. EZYCOM is still here,
Ezycom is a shareware Bulletin Board System (BBS) program, first introduced for MS-DOS by Peter Davies in 1991.

Sign up for the Trout Derby, Starts October 15th 2021, Ends October 25th 2021 ( Prize for top 3} Cut off for registration is October 13th 2021, Don’t miss out Sign up Now!





Dial-Up Nights BBS

Dial-Up Nights is a new dial-up only bulletin board, running Max’s BBS on native Amiga NG hardware. The ‘beta’ version of the board is open 9pm – 6 am UK time, 7 days a week (with an increase to 24/7, depending on demand.) Supporting Acorn, RISC OS, Commodore, Amiga and others. NoSurf support board.

Demonsnet BBS

World Group Servers setup with the Latest version of MajorMud with all the add-ons – Tournament LORD- Blade Master – Lunatix – Farwest Trivia – Tournament (Chess, Checkers, Othello, Solitaire, Backgammon, Others) DMA Server connection to MajorBBS Dos/PC Doors Server/Unix Muds/Amiga Hack and Slash

Danger Bay BBS

We are the Official BBS Door Gamez & Appz Museum.

We host VGA Planets games (VGAP).

A revived and revamped elite PCBoard BBS from 1995, operating in the (604). This is not your stock PCBoard. Modded to the MAX with many original, never before seen programs (PPEs) and games created by the sysop. We have over 1200 door games, many of which are fully registered. Come and play our very own SUDOKU game. The theme is Retro DOS Games & Apps. Large file areas. Excellent SysOp resources. PCBoard support area. ANSi Artpack & eMag archives. Old-skool look and feel. ArakNet, FidoNet, FsxNet, SciNet, BlueWave & QWK Mail. Come and experience the real power of PCBoard.

This BBS is best viewed using Netrunner Telnet Client. Download from (

The webpage app here is a bit buggy and you can’t download anything. Use Netrunner!

10 Nodes – 24/7