Cnet Pro supporting the Amiga & Commodore 64/128. I am running 4 nodes but it can be changed to handle up to 255 nodes.

Cybersteampunk BBS

Definition of cyber : of, relating to, or involving computers or computer networks (such as the Internet). Definition of steampunk : science fiction dealing with 19th-century societies dominated by historical or imagined steam-powered technology.

I used to run BBS in the late 1980th but this is my first BBS on a RPi, it will be fun, work in progress ūüôā

SysOp M1ll3r

Citadel 64 BBS

Log on with your Commodore 64 and relive the 80s!

Real Commodore 64 system running Color 64 v8 BBS. Supports PETSCII and ANSI graphics.

Central Ontario Remote (1)

A small local Bulletin Board System with not a lot of fancy graphics. I put it up a couple of years ago to remember my old BBS back in the late 1980’s. Many message areas, lots of files, and connected to the BBSLINK games network

Captain’s Quarters BBS & AE Line

Captain’s Quarters is back from its watery grave! Running Warp Six on an all-solid-state Apple IIGS via TCPser on a Raspberry Pi. Featuring a bunch of door games, tons of text files, and retrocomputing / regtrogaming forums. Come relive your past!

Code Red BBS (1)

Code Red BBS is a game only BBS. We offer many doors along with Door Party, CombatNet, BBSLink, and Exodus gaming servers so that callers can play against other callers from all over the world!

Capital Station BBS

Welcome to Capital Station BBS located in Upstate New York

All are welcomed to connect today, most users are provided with Full Access in less than 24 hours.

What Capital Station BBS offers.

With over 10 gig of files,  I am sure you will find something to enjoy, Racing, Flight, pinball, Star Trek as well as Star Wars games  and those 3D shooters, they are here for your enjoyment.   (have a special request of a group of files you would like to see at CSBBS let me know)

Log on Today and send me a message of your special request.

Full Unlimited Access to Fidonet and everything it has to offer.

Fidonet node 1:267/150

FSX Network  A friendly and warm network making new and regular users feel welcomed.  General chat to discussions about Mystic BBS to chat covering topics of Mystic BBS

FSX Network Node 21:1/101

I also offer local & private messaging that is specific to the Capital Region.

Such as county message areas or ones are covering the Adirondacks. As well as the Lake George Region

Want to see your County or City or Town represented as a message area?

Want to keep in contact with friends and family cross town?

Log in Today

Capital Station BBS

Telnet://  or

Male users are provided with an Unlimited Access security of 50. 

Female users are provided with Unlimited Access security of 52 this means that

Female users have access to Female related content, only they can access.

Live in New York State and want a BBS of your very own?  I am interested in hearing from you.  Sign on today and send me a message.

I would like to have you as a node in the nodelist within Net 267.  The Empire NY Network, just drop me an email.

Gregory Deyss at

Put subject line.  Would like to Join Fidonet. I will get in touch with you.



About your SysOp Gregory Deyss

I have been a SysOp for over 20 years, I am also the Network Coordinator and Fidonet Hub for Net 267 covering the entire state of New York

Centronian BBS


A Magnetar BBS running on a real Commodore 64 24/7/365!

Home of the Vic 64, the Commodore Enthusiasts of Victoria.


This is primary a PETSCII board, so its best used with a real C= machine or PETSCII terminal, but ASCII also works fine.


Cottonwood BBS

Cottonwood BBS is running on a Commodore 64 computer at 2400 baud. Message boards, file transfers, online games, and more!

Commodore Image 2

A nostalgic look at the BBS of old. Contains archived messages from the 1991 era. U/D’s, Message bases, online games, movies and text files available. Running on a Rear Admiral Hyperdrive at 19.2k baud.

Commodore Image 3

This up-to-date version of my other two boards is where the preferred place to call for engaging in current conversations taking place over our network. Running on a Super-SX64 and two Rear Admiral ThunderDrives, CI3 offers a huge UD library of games, utilities, SID music and primary support for Image BBS systems.

Commodore Image

An original Image BBS! This BBS is the original support BBS for Image BBS for the Commodore 64 and 128..

Cyberia BBS (1)

Old School ANSI BBS. The BBS home of actively developed Mystic BBS Door Games and Utilities.

Headquarters for Double-Up! (2048), Gryphon’s Greed, Murder Motel, Leech, DopeWars BBS door games.

Cittadella BBS

A Client/server BBS born as a phoenix from the ashes of Emperor’s BBS. The source code, “Cittadella/UX” rewritten from scratch is GPL Licensed and has a client server architecture. We are looking for other BBSes that want to use and help us develop the code further. The language of the BBS is mainly Italian but there are language specific rooms. An internationalization effort is in progress.

Castle Rock BBS (1)

Local entertainment & chat BBS with online games, forums, some older DOS and Windows files. We validate new sign-ups by E-mail before guest access is granted. Castle Rock BBS is a family-oriented board, no adult files. Our online games include MajorMud, Backgammon, Guess What, Milleborne, Minefield and others. We have a monthly game contest where the high scorer in each of several games wins a free day of access added to their account.

CedarValley BBS

A family BBS from the Heartland of the US. We feature games like MajorMUD, T-LORD, Lunatix, Wheel of Fame, Farwest Trivia, and many Door Games. Live chat, message forums, and free E-mail account. Stop by!