Ballon BBS

I have been in Japan for a long time.
Therefore, my talk partner is only Japanese people and I do not speak in English very often.
On the other hand, my English communication at SNS has increased.
I opened a BBS to strengthen my English.

By the way … Do you like balloons?

Instead of, you can try to connect with the following subdomain provided by the DDNS service.

  • – Duck DNS
  • – Dynu
  • –
  • – Hurricane Electric +
  • – No-IP

In order to realize this DDNS, IchigoJam + MixJuice is running cron.

Bottomless Abyss BBS

The BBS is holding it's holidays contest, starting December 19th 2020 at 00:00Z.
The contest will run for 30 days and features a full fledged CTF and a Triathlon.

See for up to date information.
Account can be created securely from the website.

* Many networks and active doors
* Great focus on privacy
* BBS home of Hackfest, Defcon613, and a ton of CTF challenges
* IT Security training material
* HAM Radio training material
* Provider of up-to-the-minute Hacking news on ArakNet
* Phenom Member board
* Free access and instant validation with valid email.
* Serious users only
* No need to provide real info but if you choose to provide a fake id, please
  be creative.
* Accounts that shows no efforts during creation are flagged BOGUS on the spot.

The BBS is also hosting the weekly Meetup In The Abyss on Wednesdays at 8PM EST.
It's the perfect time to connect and chat with other users and SysOps from many
other BBSes. The Bottomless Abyss is the home of Multi-Relay Chat, connection
over 80 BBSes.

Brewery BBS

Welcome to the Brewery BBS.  Running on a real Apple II.
Heavily modified GBBS Pro system on an Apple //e.

Back to the Future

BBSes are a return to the past, just like our favorite time travel movie. BTTTFBBS is a playground for Linux and Python experiments. Features a dial-out modem (call out to dial-up BBSes or information services), some local and networked games, and whatever features the sysop feels like developing.

Basement BBS

The Basement BBS was originally online from 1986 – 1998. The version that you can now telnet to was pieced together with backup floppy disks from 1990-1993. The BBS includes restored messages/message bases from 1990-1993, some restored file sections, 21 online games, and lots of customization. For best results, log in with an Atari 8-bit or a telnet client that supports ATASCII (Atari Mode). One such client is Syncterm. Syncterm is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS/X, etc. You can download Syncterm here.

The Basement’s telnet address is: port: 9000.

If you rather not use a telnet client, then you can log in using a web client available at:

Note: The web client below does not work with The Basement. You  need to use the aforementioned web client.

Update: Our web page is now available at

ByteXchange BBS

This BBS was created early on, in the late 80s by my good friend. I have now resurrected it into a modern Mystic BBS. We offer door games, tons message networks, and tons files, modern and older. It is also the WHQ BBS for Cyber-Net FTN BBS Network. You can fill out an online app on the BBS. Enjoy!

Banana Bender BBS

bANANA bENDER BBS is an ELITE board part of the RETRO!HACK BBS network!

BCR Games Server

The BCR Games Server, or the Black Country Rock Games Server, is the home to all the custom games designed by Black Country Rock, Shooter Jennings & Bit Sunrise BBS.

The server is setup on a dedicated 300mbps internet stream and a dedicated Windows 7 machine running 24/7.

Games so far include:
1. From Here to Eternity – Pop Culture Fantasy Adventure

2. Freedom Train – Future Fantasy Fiction

3. Leviathan – Kill the beast, boost your Freedom Train cash!

Connect to your BBS by making a telnet link to port 31337.

Blackfair’s Manor

Lots of Doors, most are registered. Tradewars, LORD, BRE, Death Masters, LORD2 are among some. Some games are netted.


Very active Userbase. The Newscenter is one ot the special features of the BlackICE BBS. Read News, Tweets and much more. You can also send tweets from the Board! The FileArea counts more than 222.000 files and is one the biggest in the BBS Scene. WHQ BBSnet, DoorGames, Many MsgNetworks, Pointfriendly and more! The BlackICE BBS receives an average amount of 300+ calls per month and process 1000+ Messages per day.

Backwood Realm BBS

We are a files and door games BBS serving you from a single desktop computer in Bedford, Indiana. LORD, Planets: TEOS, LORD 2, Dogworld, Welk Chess, and more. DOVEnet message areas. Proud to serve continuously since 9/2008 as the only BBS in the Lawrence County, Indiana area. Custom-coded Instant Messaging client, lots of other stuff, something always under active development!

Borderline BBS

Borderline BBS was brought online in January 2014 as a dial-up only BBS. Telnet-accessibility has been added, making it the first BBS running on a C64 with a “hybrid setup” allowing both dial-up and Telnet calls. Running on AA BBS v11.6b on a Commodore 64c with 7 floppy drives. This is a truly authentic Commodore bulletin board system from the late 80s!

Bear’s Den

Bear’s BBS is a Mud board.  It runs 3 muds.  Stock, Edited, and Mudrev.   We also have a few door games, but the board focus is Major Mud.

Our stock realm is a bare stock realm.

Our edited board is edited by me on a regular basis. I like to say I took over where WCC left off.  Most of the edits are written out in our newbie guide.

Our mudrev realm is Brads Mudrev.  He is still semi-active in editing this realm. I only host it for him.


PVP:  Stock and edited 100 lvl diff.  Mudrev no pvp.

Characters:  You are allowed 2 to start per realm. A 3rd toon at 45(75 mudrev).



Come find out why our edited mud is considered the most advance mud board out there.

Blood Stone

The Blood Stone rises again!!! The BS BBS began its adventure on a Commodore C64 back in the mid-1980s and later evolved into a WWIV system in the 1990s. Family became the priority so the Blood Stone was laid to rest for the remainder of the 20th century. Now, nearly two decades later, the kids have grown the family dynamic has evolved and it’s now time to revisit the fun hobby of BBSing again! Running WWIV v5.40, Telnet, SSH and HTTP hosted on a Windows 10 Virtual Machine. 10 nodes, Networked with other WWIV boards and hosting some popular Door games like Tradewars, LORD, LORD2, PimpWars, BRE and Planets: TEOS. Drop on by for a visit! Auto-validation with limited access, e-mail SysOp for additional access.

Black Flag BBS (Mystic)


Black Flag

bf-scrollerFull name: Piranha Under the Black Flag. The board is mainly an underground ACiD art show board since 1995 and a hub for various modding groups over the years.

For over 20 years it has been the lucky recipient of the finest working screens from the worlds best ANSi – Ascii and RIPScrip artists.  We would like to list and thank those over the years that have contributed to the boards great success. Lord Jazz aka ungenannt – Catbones – smooth – Bedlam – RaD Man – Azrael – Satanic Sly – Schizosynth -Wildcat – Fever – Stone the Crow – Misfit – Enzo – Spear – griskokare – hellbeard – pogue – armageddon donut – Knocturnal – H7 – AVG – Matt Matthew – Nuremberg – Keetar – KHZ – MHZ – Sephiroth and others.

Boards that I run:

– Mystic : (Main system)
– PCBoard : (Vintage PCBoard)
– Searchlight : (RIPScrip Protocol) You will need the Riptel Windows telnet client: riptel.msi which you can download from the Mystic board on port 23

Staff: Captain Hood (Sysop)
Co-Sysops : ungenannt – RaD Man – TCF – griskokare – Fever


– ACiD telnet HQ
– ACiDic WHQ
– Blocktronics member board
– Sadist Distro


– Agoranet US Eastern Agora 46:1/104
– Survival Net 9:91/17
– Zeronet 911:1727/1
– Fidonet 1:135/369
– fsxNet 21:1/112
– RetroNet 80:774/22

Door games:

– L.O.R.D. Ultimate Edition
– Starship Galactica
– Barren Realms Elite
– Operation: Overkill II
– Usurper
– L.O.R.D. 2 (New World)
– Trade Wars Gold 2002 Local Game
– Pirates Cove
– Planets (TEOS)
– Jedi Knights
– Trade Wars Game Server and Space Quest Game Serve

… and many more

We suggest Netrunner or Syncterm for the best experience. Both clients will automagically change fonts so ASCII resembles its traditional Amiga font, and ANSI blocks are represented properly. The browser-based terminal below will also work, but results may vary.

Black Flag: The World’s Most Dangerous BBS!








A few RIPScrip logon screens below


An example of a RIPscrip screen.
The login screen for the Black Flag Searchlight system (RIPscrip) .




















Battlestar BBS

Battlestar BBS is back stronger than ever! Over 35 message Networks & Newsgroups (Fidonet, DoveNet, Paranormal Net, GatorNet, etc.) We have over 400 door games and installing more all the time! 70 classic shareware cd’s online. 25 InterBBS Leagues! We are here for our users so if you want to see something added please let us know.

Broken Bubble BBS

Home of a growing list of ORIGINAL Javascript door games, including Dice Warz, Sea Battle, Chess and many others. Main hub for a real-time Inter-BBS gaming service.

Bits & Bytes BBS

FidoNet, Micronet, STN, AdventureNet, ZeNet, PascalNet, LinuxNet, Many registered doors.