Amis XE

Restored AMIS BBS from MACE 1986 platform. This BBS is a tribute to the Atari BBS community where AMIS, FoReM and basic programming dominated the BBS scene. Telnet and Dial up Dial up 949-325-9040 user id and password: amis86


Apple II based BBS with an aviation theme. ProTerm Special!

Forums, File Transfers

Al’s Geek Lab BBS

The author of the popular YouTube documentary “Back to the BBS” now has a complimentary BBS!


  • Curated retro-computing content including retro games, music, apps as well as more modern stuff for your retro computing purposes.
  • MRC Inter-BBS chat
  • Some great message network groups for all your geeky discussions (fsxNet, tqwNet, RetroNet and ArakNet)
  • Great extra add-on mods, including:
    • CoinInfo (a custom mod I wrote to help you trade your cryptocurrencies!),
    • xqtr’s weather,
    • Phenom Production’s CoronaTracker and RomHacker,
    • Wikipedia, Gopher/bbs-www,
    • RCS’ lastcalls and much more!
  • File sharing networks including Phat* Anonymous Archivers and ArchaicNet.
  • Games including Richard Orr’s ]Baud, BBSLink inter-bbs gaming leagues, all the popular games including LORD, Tradewars etc.

Work is being made on it all the time, so come on down and get “Back to the BBS!”

website: || youtube: || telnet: || ssh:

tqwnet: 1337:2/104 || Araknet 10:103/16 || Retronet 80:505/18 || fsxNet: 21:1/126

Al's Geek Lab Advert
Al’s Geek Lab Advert

Auntie Bodies BBS

Relive the halcyon days. BBSlink games, Dove-Net, local message boards, lots of files to download, interests – Apple Newton, Atari Portfolio and vintage PCs.

Anarchy BBS

One of those fun loving bulletin boards with many registered doors, local and network message areas some files and much, much more.

Local doors, local and network message areas, IRC chat, some files relating to.

Adept BBS

Old school Worldgroup BBS in Louisville, Ky. Original beta testers for MajorMUD along with many other games, including Tradewars and Swords of Chaos.

Amiga Underground

Running AmiExpress 5.3.0 (2020) under FS-UAE on Arch Linux on a ASUS G74-SX Laptop with 16GB RAM and 20TB of storage attached! 24/7 Amiga Support with numerous Message Conferences and Files! Online in one way or another since 1984.

Amiga Frontier BBS (2)

Still being constructed. Currently working on getting things fixed for an official public opening

Alcatraz BBS

To properly enjoy this BBS use Syncterm with the Atari emulation.

Arcadia BBS

Arcadia BBS

Registered Doorgames

  • Tradewars 2002 (Gold)
  • Solar Realms Elite
  • Legend of the Red Dragon
  • Lord II: A New World
  • Planets: The Exploration of Space
  • Barren Realms Elite
  • Falcon’s Honor
  • The Arcadian Legends
  • Falcon’s Eye
  • DoorMUD: Land of the Forgotten
  • Additional games by BBS Link

Message & File Networks

  • FidoNet
  • FSXnet
  • Agoranet
  • Dovenet

Programming  Files

Arcadia BBS has many tools available to aspiring programmers.  Several compilers and tools are available for download.  Dozen’s of door driver and BBS door creation toolkits are available for almost every programming language.

After Earth

We’re a roleplay enforced MUD set in a dystopian future. SciFi and Cyberpunk themes.


AvL-SyS 40k files lots of games and login from the web available.

Abacus BBS

Abacus BBS now located in Portland is a rebirth of my Abacus system run in Boston in the late 90’s. Abacus currently features both FidoNet and FsxNet echomail and file bases. Doors are going to make a return soon. BBS BBS is a hobby project I’ve started. It is one of the only BBS servers running in Romania.

Anima Ex Machina

The connections with people that last a lifetime through online and tabletop games and a shared passion for exploring machines and their languages are the soul of the machines. Multi-user chat, Crossroads of the Elements MUD, Elite-x/84, Exodus GameNet, Tabletop RPGs, Programming, Microcomputers.

Atrium BBS

Disappeared fifteen years ago, now resurrected. Multi-user, eXpress Message live chat. Retro-computing focus.  Now with dialup access as well!

After Hours BBS

Just a good old BBS that has been around for 25 plus years and still a great place to hang out! Running Mystic BBS…

Stop by and say hello, lots of local and league doors, local and network message echo’s and many more things to do while your on the bulletin board.

Absinthe BBS
Hang out with the cool Amiga kids.

Are you looking for something different? Absinthe BBS aims to be the most unique and fun BBS currently in operation! There isn’t another board like this one anywhere. Features:

  • The largest collection of quality Amiga BBS doors including the first NEW release in almost 20 years, game servers, a fantastic Interactive Fiction system, and a MUD portal with integrated Amiga Tinyfugue
  • Custom Amiga ASCII theme by the sysop aNACHRONiST(1st Place Winner Evoke 2018 Amiga ASCII Compo) with an optional unique animation system
  • Movie Night, the most advanced BBS movie and TV mod out there! See what’s playing now in theaters, what’s coming soon, trending movies and TV shows, look up movies and shows to view extensive information, and even flag coming soon titles for notfication via system mail upon release!
  • Newsfeed, the most advanced BBS newsfeed scroller in existence, written from the ground up by the sysop. Completely customizable and supports thousands of news sources and searches millions of articles!
  • Wyrmwood RPGBBS- An entire subboard that is an RPG-BBS hybrid based on Hack & Slash Amiga RPGBBS
  • FTN Areas including RetroNet, C=Net, and ArakNet
  • Massive Art Gallery including support for font switching on modern terminals such as Syncterm or Netrunner
  • Amiga Scene Repository with thousands of files archives from legendary boards such as Boondocks as well as the latest Amiga releases
  • Miskatonic Library which offers hyperlinked horror and short stories from H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, and others as well as a nonfiction section.
  • *New* games developed and released such as the hilarious Bad Libs!
  • Much More! This is a very active Amiga BBS and new features are constantly being released. Come check it out!

Kindly visit using a capable terminal such as Syncterm(recommended and free!) or Netrunner. Windows default telnet, mTelnet, etc are NOT supported and will give you errors and mangle the artwork. This board offers an optional Classic Mode for Amiga and retro terminals that disables the unique animation system and affects some text placement as well. Our new user process is needlessly excessive and is about to undergo an overhaul. For now power through it- it’s worth it!

Aliens Alcove

Aliens’ Alcove! first operated in the Philippines from 1991 to 1996. It was revived in 2014 and continues to run on WWIV BBS software running on Linux.

Amiga Logo

Amiga City

A BBS for the Amiga computer line – Yes, it’s still supported… 🙂 We have over 3,500 downloads in the website, and a selected subset in the FTP area. We also have over 150 door games for you to enjoy, most not available anywhere else.