68K Time Machine BBS

Running on Amiga (emulated currently, moving to real hardware soon), using MAXsBBS 1.54, this system is all about enjoying Bulletin Board Systems, the way that they were back in the 90’s. Dedicated to the Amiga and MAXsBBS, with plenty of message and file areas to suit!

300 F-ing Baud

300 F-ing Baud BBS

Welcome to 300 F-ing Baud BBS

This BBS is for smaller or older computers that may only be able to display Text (Like an old terminal). It can display ANSI as well as normal Text.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using Syncterm or Netrunner or any windows based BBS Terminal, you might not be able to Download or Upload. I’ve found you have to
use DOSBOX Programs like Procomm Plus or Telix in order to Download.

32-Bit BBS

32-Bit BBS is one of the few Spitfire BBS’s still online. This is a complete rebuild of my first BBS back in the early 90s right down to the ANSI menus. Thanks to an old backup i was able to recreate it and thanks to NetSerial I’m able to logons via telnet. We have two full menu of door game classics that we all loved back in the day.



20 For Beers BBS (Mystic)

A really fun, active and current BBS! We work to bring a new section or feature once a month; you’ll find TONS of retro files and content – from old BBS CD-Roms, current BBS applications and mods, historical BBS applications and mods, ANSI art, legal ROMs and DOS games and more!

We have DoorParty and BBSLink Door Game networks.

Tons of FTNs – fsxNet, SciNet, zer0net, DoveNet, WWiVnet, Fidonet, Weednet.

MRC Multi-Relay Chat system.

Mystic BBS Support on the BBS and other online help – create your own BBS!

You’ve got to checkout 2o fOr beeRS – there is no other BBS quite like it!!

POTS Lines: 415-231-1260 346-385-5665 385-248-5680  (pots/pots for user ID and password)


8-Bit Playground

Commodore 64 hosted hardware, running C-Net DS2 at 38.4k, the only one of its kind. All available online games/doors, BBS software support file section, cross networked to Image BBS. PETSCII / 40 Columns

8-Bit Boyz BBS

The companion BBS to the website. Offering online games, Infocom games, message boards with echo networks like Fido, fsxNet, Retronet, Commodore Net!

13th Floor BBS (C64 Version 1)

This version of the 13th Floor BBS was shutdown on April 29th 1993. This is a restoration of that data, and approximately 130 users. Supports Commodore C/G, ASCII, and ANSI

13th Leader BBS

13th Leader is a reboot of an 8-bit Atari 800 XL  BBS from back in the late 1980’s!  Originally hosted out of Hamilton Ontario Canada!   Back in the 80’s we ran on  8-bit “Home Grown”  BBS software and 2  5-1/4″  floppy drives.     Still hosted in Southern Ontario but now running Mystic BBS.

New users are always welcome!

$ telnet 8023    *  Atari Discussion, Atari Tech Information,  Games and much more!


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79 Columns

79 Columns is a unique x/84 system with loads of textmode games — both Linux console games and oldschool DOS doors alike. The board currently has an Amiga ASCII bend, but supports CP437 ANSI graphics for door games and certain menus.

Modern terminals are supported (such as xterm), and even UTF8 is supported through a decoding layer that translates Amiga and CP437 artwork.

  • iMPURE member board
  • bREAK! member board
  • heavily customized installation of x/84
  • tons of textmode games available