The WABAC Machine BBS (Wavelength Acceleration Bidirectional Asynchronous Controller). In the middle of the 1950’s the US government started research into Time Travel. This led to the construction of the largest computer ever built to date. This long forgotten computer was and is still funded by a government BLACK program. The people who keep the system running don’t even know what it is used for anymore. We found a backdoor through a maintenance port. Telnet in and step back in time! (The WABAC Machine BBS) Running Worldgroup 2.0! Online since 1994. Galactic Empire, TW2002(Pro), 2 Lord Games, Wilderness MUD, SUB Striker and a lot more! Free Access, Internet Email, IRC and more!

Liquid Digital

Galactic Empire, Infinity Complex, MajorMUD, Tele-Arena, Tradwars and more!

Jungle BBS

Started in 1988 as Jungle Ddial #62 then STS 12 then MBBS/Worldgroup

Lostways BBS

Just a board for playing MajorMud

lots of new added content lvl as has as 400

Bento Box BBS

Bento Box BBS has been online for over a decade, alternating between being a private and public BBS. After a couple years down, Bento Box is back online as a completely public (and free) BBS. All games have been reset. Features many of the most popular Worldgroup Games: including MajorMUD, a Tradewars 2002 Gold Server, and many classic door games (via a connected Gamesrv setup).

Adept BBS

The Adept BBS is a Worldgroup BBS based in Louisville, KY. We first went online in 1992 and were one of the original MajorMUD beta sites. While many of our original games are no longer available, we still feature MajorMUD, Tradewars, Swords of Chaos, Tournament LORD, Worldlink Teleconference, and many others. All Users receive free access, so feel free to sign up, log in and check us out!

Keep BBS

The KEEP BBS has been online and operational since 1983, now we are a 32-channel MULTI-USER Worldgroup 3.13 system. The KEEP is still here. And we will endeavor to remain here for you, regardless of what new trends the Internet may follow.

Empire of the Dragon BBS

Online since 1992, and still dialup (56k!) as well as telnet. EOTD BBS has been a big part of the 303 BBS scene for over 15 years. Worldgroup with Worldlink, forums, retro file libraries, and door games such as LORD and TW2002.

Castle Rock BBS (1)

Local entertainment & chat BBS with online games, forums, some older DOS and Windows files. We validate new sign-ups by E-mail before guest access is granted. Castle Rock BBS is a family-oriented board, no adult files. Our online games include MajorMud, Backgammon, Guess What, Milleborne, Minefield and others. We have a monthly game contest where the high scorer in each of several games wins a free day of access added to their account.

CedarValley BBS

A family BBS from the Heartland of the US. We feature games like MajorMUD, T-LORD, Lunatix, Wheel of Fame, Farwest Trivia, and many Door Games. Live chat, message forums, and free E-mail account. Stop by!