Wreck Hall

This is a nostalgic recreation of Rec Hall which was a board run in Ocala, FL in the 90’s. Feel free to jump in and say hi, or enjoy the board.



So you like to play games?

TQPS is set in an immersive environment with each menu bringing a little life and curiosity to “The Facility”.

From the login screen and even sign-up process you’re exposed to subtle hints that the Facility is a lot bigger than you initially thought so pay close attention to possible clues that might help you to unlock all it’s secrets (There’s a lot of extra content hidden behind puzzles).

NPCs wander the Facility halls and may visit you at random intervals to offer hints and some may lead you stray. Be careful!

Evie, the Facility’s A.I. is capable of performing specific tasks, which may include processing hints, clues and flags.

We have custom games, modules and content with a lot more planned on the road-map for development including the new “World Of TextCraft” game, built for WG3 95/NT.

Come and see why TQPS was Melbourne Metro’s 3rd most popular BBS in the 90’s!

TQPS has a 0 tolerance on abuse, misuse and harassment of players!

UpsideDownMagic (Worldgroup)

MajorMUD is on port 23 – I will give you an instant boost to level 40, it’s a stock realm, and you can have any item you want right away. (Except for the quest rings, that’s a right of passage! :D) You can make up to 3 characters! I hope you’ll come by and make a character and hang out.  Thanks!

TradeWars is on port 2002 – unlimited turns, 1,000,000 initial credits, 2,500 fighters, 75 holds, two universes.

Adept BBS

Old school Worldgroup BBS in Louisville, Ky. Original beta testers for MajorMUD along with many other games, including Tradewars and Swords of Chaos.

Sea Breeze Gaming Network

We offer many multiplayer games such as majormud 1 stock and 1 edited, Swords of Chaos 1 edited and 1 stock, Tele-Arena, Tele-Arena 2, 4 games of legend of the Red Dragon, Mutants, Tradewars 2002, GalaTrek!, Interstellar War, Barron’s Realm Elite, Fazuul, Kyrandia, CyberTank, Zorgon, Galactic Empire, Wheel of Fame, Chain Reaction, Farwest Trivia, Scrabble, Ringmasters, Blademasters, Battleship, Yahzee, Tournament Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Othello, Lemonade Stand, World Jumble,
Hangman, Number Shuffle, Strategic War and many other. We offer over 300 games online. We are online 24/7.

We offer many message area’s, We offer Wabac, Worldlink, and UseNet.
Growing Files Area, Chat Rooms, and Hotel TeleConference. We also have a IRC server.

Bluehard BBS, The

Formerly TSCNet Executive Online, The Bluehard BBS has been online since 2002 offering MajorMUD, Tournament Legend of the Red Dragon, TradeWars 2002, WorldLink Teleconference, and much more!

Darkwood BBS

Running Mudrev with lots of fixes and updated content. More details available here: http://www.mudinfo.net/viewforum.php?f=55


A MUD from a modified Worldgroup BBS.

Demonsnet BBS

World Group Servers setup with the Latest version of MajorMud with all the add-ons – Tournament LORD- Blade Master – Lunatix – Farwest Trivia – Tournament (Chess, Checkers, Othello, Solitaire, Backgammon, Others) DMA Server connection to MajorBBS Dos/PC Doors Server/Unix Muds/Amiga Hack and Slash


The WABAC Machine BBS (Wavelength Acceleration Bidirectional Asynchronous Controller). In the middle of the 1950’s the US government started research into Time Travel. This led to the construction of the largest computer ever built to date. This long forgotten computer was and is still funded by a government BLACK program. The people who keep the system running don’t even know what it is used for anymore. We found a backdoor through a maintenance port. Telnet in and step back in time! (The WABAC Machine BBS) Running Worldgroup 2.0! Online since 1994. Galactic Empire, TW2002(Pro), 2 Lord Games, Wilderness MUD, SUB Striker and a lot more! Free Access, Internet Email, IRC and more!

Penalty Box BBS

Thanks for your interest in The Penalty Box!  You can login right from this page.  If you wish to use a BBS Telnet client, we recommend SyncTerm or Qodem.  Just point either of them to pbox.thebbs.org and use port 23.  We hope to see you online soon!