Imzadi Box

Little BBS established in 2020 with several message networks (FidoNet, fsxNet, tqwNet, SciNet, SFnet, BBSnet and DOVE-Net), a selection of local door games, some multiplayer games via and some files for CP/M computers like RC2014, SC126 etc. The BBS features a custom design and shell.

Auntie Bodies BBS

Relive the halcyon days. BBSlink games, Dove-Net, local message boards, lots of files to download, interests – Apple Newton, Atari Portfolio and vintage PCs.

Magnum BBS

A UK BBS which was born on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum using a citizen band radio as a network/transfer medium, before being ported to the Atari ST & modem. Reborn in 2021 on UNIX with dial up options.

Line 1 – POTS : +44-1484-320007 (Huddersfield UK)
Line 2 – VOIP : +44-207-096-2030 (London Central UK)
Line 2 – VOIP : +1-415-839-5099 (San Francisco Central DA USA)

SSH/Telnet –

Piss, Shit & Cum BBS

Running on an IBM Aptiva 2137 with MS-DOS 6.22 and a 2GB HDD, 1 node using a WiModem232 @ 9600 baud.