Old school dual-node RemoteAccess BBS! Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina and launched in ’97.

Old Time’s Sake BBS


Ah, those modem days! The pre-internet online world had its own magic, don’t you agree?
Old Time’s Sake Bulletin Board System is still alive and hopefully will remain so the longest possible. Curious minds are welcomed to discover what all is about, as well as my nostalgic fellows to feel the excitement once more. So, click “Connect” and enjoy the long-forgotten ascii/ansi world, run some Doors and catch yourself smiling again…

Beavis & Butt-Head BBS

Originally Ran from 1997-1999, reopened September 2015. All files are from back in the late 90s. Over 30 online doors.

Waldo’s Place USA

Waldo’s Place USA has been in operation for over 15 years. We are a general BBS carrying Fidonet message areas and file distribution channels. The system is a mail hub for the central North Carolina area and is the homebase of the Net 3634 Coordinator.