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We’re back! EZYcom V3.0



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This BBS runs on old technology! It’s also running on New Technology, Windows 10 Enterprise 32 bit. Who says you have to have a new modern bbs. EZYCOM is still here, If you like this type of BBS Join me help bring it back by signing up for a registration code and join the Group!
Ezycom is a shareware Bulletin Board System (BBS) program, first introduced for MS-DOS by Peter Davies in 1991.

The current version of Ezycom is 3.0

Tiny’s BBS

Tiny’s BBS is back running Ezycom. Have some great door games, and the best message networks. TIny’s BBS has been around since 1985 with a short break to become web only for 2009. Great file base, Great doors, Great Files, free access, check us out now!