Space Cactus Canyon

Space Cactus Canyon is a BBS dedicated to the Atari 2600; old DOS games; and space, cacti, and/or canyons. New and growing!

Skylab Systems BBS

After 2 years of being down Skylab System BBS is up and running again. Update – I have made the switch to Mystic BBS software. So were in the midst of changing the system message areas that are up currently We have Fidonet, Survival-net and Dovenet up, Our next change is the Door system. Lots of door games are coming from Fresh Water Fishing with Fishing Derbys again for cash prizes. LORD, Trade Wars and many many more to go online. We’re also working on screens to make the system more fun. So stop on by and say hello. Keep checking back because there a lot of new changes taking place. Tell your Friends! Port 2325

Fidonet 1:123/120

Fsx_net 21:4/120

Survival-net 9:91/21

SilverHawk BBS

The BBS is the same as it was in 1992 when it first started. We have the original user database, the same conferences and file areas. This is a nostalgic hyper-trip! Connect today and enter a time capsule. Original users will happily see their old messages again.

Sound Source ][

The resurrection of one of my old systems. Specializing in audio files and audio related message echos.
Member of MusicalNet.

Sixty-Eight (68K) Time Machine BBS

THE ___ ___ _ _
/ _|/ \| | / / File and Message Areas for:
| |_ | | || |/ / – Amiga
| | > < | < – Linux
| | || | || |\ \ – Demos
\___/\___/|_| \_\ – Text
– Music
Classic Door Games: port 1024 – Hack & Slash
Sysop: Midnight Flip – Global Wars 2
– Space Empire
MaxsBBS / Amiga A4000/040 – Star Trek
Located in Adelaide, South Australia …and much more!

STar Fleet HQ

Running on an actual Atari Mega 4 STE using a Lantronix MSS-100.


Running at 20MHz Turbo mode on SuperCPU64 and CMD RAMLink. SDrive 1564 (x2). Networked message boards. Standard Commodore and .d64 downloads.

System One BBS

Running Image 1.2B Enhanced on a Commodore 64 using an uIEC/SD card device and a Link232 device. Subboards, Games, Downloads and more!


Sinclair Retro BBS

A Retro BBS totally dedicated to the great Sinclair Research computers of the 80’s! Here you can find Sinclair users, sharing of programs for Sinclair Z81, Spectrum, QL and Sam Coupè too. Is the first and unique BBS dedicated to the world of Sinclair active on these days. Enjoy it!

Slime City BBS

TOP ELiTE board running Mystic and the WHQ of the RETRO!HACK BBS network! Heavily modded.

Stepping Stone BBS

Thousands of messages, many on-line games and thousands of files for everyone!

Swords of Chaos Forever BBS

BBS is dedicated to Swords of Chaos and it’s active player community. We have replicated the old Seabreeze mods and are the most active SoC game on the net!

Starbase 21

Running MajorBBS 9.3 (Worldgroup 3.3) we’ve got a ton of classic modules online and always adding more as we can get them working. Tele-Arena 5.6f, TWGS (Trade Wars 2002), Swords of Chaos, LoRD, The Rose:Council of Guardians, Mutants!, Farwest Trivia (and Tele-Trivia), Worldlink Chat, and more! Come check it out! HTML5 telnet client available at our website. Instructions for using classic terminal programs available there as well.

Saturn V BBS

Saturn V BBS was originally opened in 1985 in Montreal, Canada and eventually moved to Florida in the mid 2000’s.

Section One BBS

It’s up for the nostalgia effect. It was originally Cyberania BBS back in the early 90’s. It’s been up and down at different times, but back up full time just over two years ago. We run a game of the month that offers a free BBS T-shirt to the winner.

Sinner’s Haven II

Old school BBS. Some nets and some games.. Made it look like an old OBV/2 system.

Sands of Time

Sands of Time ( is a text-mode MMO implemented as a telnet BBS. It is implemented in the space-based setting of a large galaxy with a hundred smaller connected star clusters. It allows online chatting between users on radio channels, includes a news system, allows the creation of user-owned corporations, and provides many other methods of interactions, including live combat. The game is similar to some of the old *BBS door games, but larger and far faster. In addition to human users, the system contains aliens flying around the galaxy. These aliens never attack the humans, but can themselves be attacked for loot, specifically money, Starships, and their high-tech UFO’s. There is a graphical clien under development to build a more conventional MMO on a second realm, but the Sands of Time realm is intended to remain free and telnet-only.

Seventy-Nine (79) Columns

79 Columns is a unique x/84 system with loads of textmode games — both Linux console games and oldschool DOS doors alike. The board currently has an Amiga ASCII bend, but supports CP437 ANSI graphics for door games and certain menus.

Modern terminals are supported (such as xterm), and even UTF8 is supported through a decoding layer that translates Amiga and CP437 artwork.

  • iMPURE member board
  • bREAK! member board
  • heavily customized installation of x/84
  • tons of textmode games available

Sursum Corda! BBS

Full service, family oriented BBS. Wide range of message areas from 2 networks plus filtered Usenet newsgroups. Traditional BBS style games on line including Trade Wars 2002. Wide variety of files to download. Good Internet text based E-mail (heavy-duty-spam-filtered) through our gateway. Secure Lynx/2 Web Browsers too! Outbound telnet, ftp and IRC service available. No subscription fees or ratios. No adult areas. Actively involved SysOp — answers your questions. First time user guide available. Games online. On-line since 1995. FidoNet and Intelec networks. Mail feeds available. Traditional dial-up service available.

Super Dimension Fortress (SDF-1)

Super Dimension Fortress (SDF, also known as is one of the oldest and largest nonprofit public access UNIX systems on the Internet.

Sandnes BBS

One of the last Amiga-BBSes running on REAL Amiga-hardware since 1996!


Currently just a test site for the *nix versions of Synchronet

Santronics Software

Santronics Software is the new home for Wildcat! Interactive Net Server (WIN Server) for Windows 95/98/NT, purchasing it from Mustang in 1998.