Digicom BBS

Digicom start in 1983 on a Commodore Vic-20, later moving to C64, C128 then to PC. It went offline in 1997, but is back with MysticBBS. 190 Door Games and a meeting ground for old SysOp’s. Also available via web interface at

Demonic Toys BBS

A recreation of the BBS I ran in the early 90’s at 708-460-2847 based out of Orland Park, Il. Running a Real DOS version of Renegade BBS, so door games DO work. Hopefully adding some FIDOnet and maybe Usenet newsgroups. Stay tuned for a TBA Dialup # with Easter eggs to be had!

Dark Star BBS

AmiExpress 4.20 running on an Amiga A1200 telnet://


MajorBBS 9.3 – MBBS/WG Official support BBS. Dedicated connection on a fast PC. Activly resurrecting old games and add-ons, as well as the classics, MajorMud, T-Lord, Interactive Trade Wars, Sub Striker, etc.. Also, the BBS listed above and/or below this may be better 🙂

Dave’s BBS (1)

Just an old fashioned BBS which will hold messages, doors, and fun for everyone


The board runs on an Apple IIe with GBBS Pro software (modified). It accelerated with Fast Chip IIe and CFFA 3000 cards; if you want to see an old Apple IIe fly at 16.6 MHz and 9600 baud, check it out.

It originally ran from  1986-1993 and was restored from backup disks in 2016. It supports ProTERM, ANSI and text displays.


Dreamland BBS

This BBS was started back in 1994 and closed 2009 as dm had health issues and had to take a break and now re opened in Feb of 2015 and is dedicated to bringing back quality to bbsing. We have Win32 doors and mpl games. DoRENET echonet, Zero-net & Fido. In addition files, local messages and its all ansi based. Come join us  we have LoRD Win32.

Doc’s Place Online

Doc’s Place is one of the longest running BBSes in the USA. It is primaraly a Fidonet messaging system. Members can download/upload QWK mail packets via web browser. Just want to look around? Use the username and password Guest to look around without registering.

Dark Realms

Since 1994, Darkrealms has served as an on-line roleplaying community for the Greater Toronto Area and is one of the worlds largest Renegade BBS’s still remaining. LORD, TradeWars 2002, Usurper, and more. Full Fidonet backbone and thousands of Usenet groups on-line, as well as Internet Email.

Dragon’s Lair BBS

The system runs comprehensive file and message bases for the Amiga Computer systems.

DJ’s Place

GBBS Pro / 9600 HST / Apple IIgs / 32 MB / General Retro/Apple II/Modem discussions


DiversiDial/Ddial Clone / ChatServer. Based on the history of Ddial which was created by the author of Bill Basham back in the mid 1980’s. Created under a new name titled Retro-Dial, Created by Adam aka que, Running on a Linux based machine, console based application. Up to 14 users can connect via Telnet, Passwords are issued via email if interested in a Permanent account. New version as of April 12, 2012 is (RetroDial v1.1) Stable.

Diamond Mine Online

We are the home of The BBS Corner and The Telnet BBS Guide!The Diamond Mine Online has been providing the best in online services since 1993. We have a very large number of active message forums (local, Fidonet and DOVE-Net), TONS of shareware files including programs, games and utilities for Windows, DOS and OS/2. We also have a VERY large MIDI music file collection. We also have TONS of BBS support files for Synchronet, Virtual BBS/Virtual Advanced BBS, WWIV BBS and many MANY more! Stop by today and see why we are one of the leaders in the online entertainment business! Suggestions for new features are welcome! Our backup telnet address is

Dinosaur Act

This BBS emphasizes classic video and computer games including emulation. Other special interests include a variety of sci-fi topics such as the X-Files, MST3K, and Babylon 5 among others. There are also a few online door games including LORD.

Dock Sud

Juegos – Chat – Fidonet – Filez. Todos los Dias las 24Hs! Hecho en Argentina!

Deadline BBS

The Deadline was one of the top PCBoard scene boards between 1995 and 98. It was the world HQ of aEGiS and FHQ/distro for most of the best PCB/PPE groups. It still has all accounts, confs and some file areas. Also, LORD

Digital Distortion

This BBS originally ran from 1994-2000 as a hobby for fun. Now the BBS is back! This BBS features games (Legend of the Red Dragon, TW2002, Land of Devastation, Tournament Trivia, Chain Reaction, Blackjack, and others), files (many 1990s and older BBS-related files as well as some new files), DOVE-Net message boards, and with the Synchronet BBS software, this BBS offers some internet integration (inter-BBS chat, etc.).

Disk Box ][

A revived BBS from way back. Original dates of operation were 1/1990 – 6/1997. It still contains the original user database of 900+ users. I am adding new things all the time. Stop by and say hi.