Final Zone BBS

Final Zone BBS is a Bulletin Board System focused on conversation about vintage technology, gaming, and the like with a goal of being a kind of haven away from the typical “noise” of social media – the memes, the emoji, the trends, the flood of meaningless “me too” posts, and all of the “flavor of the week” mess that makes social media almost useless to some of us.

As stated above, the board has a heavy focus on technology and gaming, but open discussion about virtually whatever is welcome. The goal is to focus on the conversation and the sharing of information and to have fun while doing it. Additionally, uploads and sharing of interesting files or programs relevant to these topics is encouraged, within reason.

Email service is also provided which is fully compatible with older machines — this can be used for many purposes, from just normal communication to file transfers from modern machines to vintage computers that cannot handle the modern web.

The BBS runs on Synchronet and is connected to DOVE-Net for those interested in networked communications. Otherwise it is purely focused on local chat. Additionally, the IRC client built in to the system will connect you to the ##bbs-squad channel on freenode, where members of this board often chat in real time. It is a small but close knit community, one that welcomes new members who share a love of tech and gaming.

The board supports multiple login methods, such as  plain telnet, SSH, rlogin, and even NNTP and read-only Gopher access (depending on client used.)

Stop by and say “hi” today!

The main menu.
Some of the local message sections available.
The logoff prompt.


Canadian Rebel

Synchronet BBS Version 3.18
FidoNet, DoveNet, WhisperNet, Fishingnet
League-10, SpookNet, Rebel Network,
Old-school file areas,
Online Door games – Local and BBSLink
New callers welcome, stop by today!


Our bbs system supports Microsoft Windows, Linux, Trs-80 Color Computer Computer, Commodore, Apple, Mac, Unix, and OS/2.  We have over 91,000 files, online games and over 1000,000 messages. FTN Networks: FidoNet, AmigNet and DovNet. Call and check out our online games.



Slinky’s Place (Synchronet)

Lots of registered doors.  No personal info at sign-up, just username and password. Dial-up node is currently offline. The USB -> RS232 adapter just doesn’t work the way I wanted it to. I will be moving the server to a machine that has hardware COM ports, and will re-enable the dial-up node.


AvL-SyS 40k files lots of games and login from the web available.

SouthEast Star

Formerly known as Waldo’s Place USA, we are a top-tier Star-meshed Fidonet echomail hub & an IFDC FileGate Project(sm) hub. Telnet/SSH/HTTPS UIs. Thanks Hurricane Florence (2018) for the push to set up this new system. Drop by for a visit today! Always a WIP 😉

ConstructiveChaos BBS

This BBS was built with the spirit of retro-gaming in mind…


Splash screen


…with special emphasis placed on classic door games, such as…



Usurper (both new and classic modes)…


Multiple games of Operation Overkill, arranged by difficulty…


TradeWars, Yankee Trader, and other TW-likes…


plus a curated selection of many others.  There’s a category to offer every type of gamer.


Also connected to a few message networks, like DOVE-Net, fsxNet, and of course the historic FidoNet!

No personal info mandatory; just enter and start having fun.

ConstructiveChaos awaits.