Bucko’s Den BBS

Bucko’s Den is now running on Synchronet BBS. It supports ANSI and 80 column Commodore CG. It currently is hooked up to 6 Door Servers including my own server, and 3 File Servers also including my own File Server. This BBS has FTN Networks, and it’s a lot of fun.. It’s a brand new set up so it’s going to take a bit to get going. Enjoy and leave me some feedback if you need any help with it…

Port 6428 is for the 80 Column Commodore Color Graphics Mode

Port 6401 is for the ANSI Terminal Members…

Chookfest BBS

Started in April 2021 out of curiosity and to give local vintage computer collectors a place to hang out. Runs on a Raspberry Pi 2. Specialises in software for CP/M (inc. Kaypro), PC-XT class DOS machines, Apple-II, C64, and others to be added. Tested on old machines for compatibility!

Silent Chat BBS

After more then 25 Years Silent Chat BBS is finally back. No files but nostalgic feelings and connected to FidoNet soon.

Baffa BBS

BBS from Rio to remember old times… (DoveNet, FidoNet and FsxNet)

Herp Derp

Please call using SSH on port 2222 with your preferred username and a non-blank password.

Section One BBS

It’s up for the nostalgia effect. It was originally Cyberania BBS back in the early 90’s. It’s been up and down at different times, but back up full time just over two years ago. We run a game of the month that offers a free BBS T-shirt to the winner.


We’ve got over 100+ doors, including doors from BBSLink and DoorParty. We also have FidoNet, fsxNet and Micronet. The sysop (Nick) is on most of the time and would love a chat 🙂


This BBS is available via dial-up over C*NET. If you’re interested in BBSes then you’ll like C*NET.

  • Either head onto ckts.info and sign up for a block of phone numbers – they should process this within 48 hours.
  • Or, contact me at nick@tfsi.dev and I’ll give you a number 🙂

You’ll have to put the details into an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) and you’ll be able to plug a modem into that.

This BBS is accessible at +44 (0) 1-421-6425.


The X-Bit is back online! The BBS was created based off my first Spitfire BBS i ran back in the early to mid 90s ’32-Bit BBS’. I actually just rebuilt my first BBS recently and it can be accessed here: x-bit.org:2323.

X-Bit BBS run Synchronet and was online from 2001-2008 and again for a few months in 2011. X-Bit BBS has well over 300 door games installed and ready to access.

Imzadi Box

Little BBS established in 2020 with several message networks:

  • FidoNet
  • fsxNet
  • tqwNet
  • SciNet
  • SFnet
  • BBSnet
  • DOVE-Net
  • WeedNet (FTN-side hub)

It also features a selection of local door games, some multiplayer games via BBSlink.net and some files for CP/M computers like RC2014, SC126 etc.

The BBS features a custom design and shell.

Auntie Bodies BBS

Relive the halcyon days. BBSlink games, Dove-Net, local message boards, lots of files to download, interests – Apple Newton, Atari Portfolio and vintage PCs.

Magnum BBS

A UK BBS which was born on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum using a citizen band radio as a network/transfer medium, before being ported to the Atari ST & modem. Reborn in 2021 on UNIX with dial up options.

Line 1 – POTS : +44-1484-320007 (Huddersfield UK)

Line 2 – VOIP : +44-207-096-2030 (London UK)

Line 2 – VOIP : +1-415-839-5099 (San Francisco USA)

ASCII, ANSI & Commodore PETSCII 40/80 column supported (including dial-up).

Standard SSH/Telnet – bbs.magnum.uk.net

PETSCII-40 telnet – bbs.magnum.uk.net port 64

PETSCII-80 telnet – bbs.magnum.uk.net port 128

Web-Telnet – https://bbs.magnum.uk.net