DC540 (local Defcon group) put our own BBS out into the wild. I used to run Citadel BBSes (as well as others) back in the day, and thought it’d be fun to relive those days. Many of the folks in my group are too young to remember BBSing, MCI codes or switch-hook dialing. Name may change.

Sanitarium BBS

The Sanitarium BBS/The Amiga Archives – An original 916 Citadel BBS now back up and running on Citadel Groupware. Focus on uncensored discussion, retro-gaming, heavy metal and punk music, and other interesting topics.


UNCENSORED! is a legendary free speech BBS, online since 1988. We have a friendly environment that emphasized a real “folksy” online conversation place, NOT files. There’s quite a wacky and unique crowd here. Join us onine and have some fun!