Mind’s Eye

My board specializes in ANSI art, caving (spelunking), urban exploration (urbex), SCUBA diving, and retro gaming. Message networks are Dove-Net, SFNet, RetroNet, GameNet and FidoNet. Active online ANSI art gallery, InterBBS Games, And a growing file base with 400+ files and growing. Come have a look!

Gray Matter BBS

Just one of those fun loving boards with all kinds of things to do while there!


AvL-SyS 40k files lots of games and login from the web available.

Star Frontiers

A Sci-Fi fantasy BBS. Originally online from the late 80s-early 90s, now it’s back. Tons of door games.

Last Rangers BBS

This BBS has been set up to play DOORs game. We have Land of Devastation / L.O.R.D. / The Pit / Trade Wars 2002 / Barren Realms Elite / Falcon’s Eye and a few more. Notice: The sys-op plays on this BBS.


Oldschoolfl bbs is a fun place to play door games and chat will be adding more door games

Curse of Fenric, The

Welcome to The Curse of Fenric BBS, this is a resurrection of a Renegade board that I ran in the early 90s that grew from a Maximus board I ran in the late 80s. I’m hoping it will be a blast from the past to all the older users out there and a glimpse into history for the younger ones.

SouthEast Star

Formerly known as Waldo’s Place USA, we are a top-tier Star-meshed Fidonet echomail hub & an IFDC FileGate Project(sm) hub. Telnet/SSH/HTTPS UIs. Thanks Hurricane Florence (2018) for the push to set up this new system. Drop by for a visit today! Always a WIP 😉

ConstructiveChaos BBS

This BBS was built with the spirit of retro-gaming in mind, with special emphasis placed on classic door games, such as LORD, Usurper, Operation Overkill, and a curated selection of others.

No personal info required.

ConstructiveChaos awaits.