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Software:Image BBS

Running the R2 edition of Image BBS v2.0 Testing modifications and online game ports.  

This version of the 13th Floor BBS was shutdown on April 29th 1993. This is a restoration of that data, and approximately 130 users. Supports Commodore C/G, ASCII, and ANSI

Amiga elite , on board , Amiga ECS/AGA , C64 , Snes , GB/GBC/GBA , Sony PSP ISO , N64

BBS Software: HolyMoses modded C*Base 3.1 with 57600 Baud Hardware:        C64R MK2, SuperCPU, RAMLink, HD, Turbo232, SD2IEC w/ Wifi-SD ROLE EHQ
Software:Color 64

Running Color64v8, large download section, including loadstar disks d64 and d81s. system is running on a breadbin c64… CMD thunderdrive, sd2iec, 1581, a swiftlink at 38400 and a REU …24/7

Dedicated to the Commodore computer. With Retro Systems coming back to life with WiFi modems. Here is a classic BBS software that stood the test of time. Running on a C64, JiffyDos, uIEC/SD, 1541-II, 1541, and a WiModem.  Running the oldest Commodore BBS software still in use and developed today! Telnet:

Running latest Amiexpress Build 5.1 (May 2019) on real Amiga 4000 /60 4 Nodes C64,Amga,/x,Console
Modem: 951-652-1690
Software:All American

Borderline BBS was brought online in January 2014 as a dial-up only BBS. Telnet-accessibility has been added, making it the first BBS running on a C64 with a “hybrid setup” allowing both dial-up and Telnet calls. Running on AA BBS v11.6b on a Commodore 64c with 7 floppy drives. This is a truly authentic Commodore […]

The Blood Stone rises again!!! The BS BBS began its adventure on a Commodore C64 back in the mid-1980s and later evolved into a WWIV system in the 1990s. Family became the priority so the Blood Stone was laid to rest for the remainder of the 20th century. Now, nearly two decades later, the kids […]

The Dungeon BBS – Canberra Australia. Online since 1986. Originally running on a Commodore C64 and 2 D9090 7.5 MB IEEE 488 Hard Drives, Now A Synchronet BBS but still on Fidonet 😎 (and other FTN) Still Hosting many Commodore and Retro Computing related Files.