Monthly Distribution List – Get the list in E-Mail

As you may know, the Telnet BBS Guide has been around since October 1997 (yeah, almost 19 years!). For most of that time, I’ve had a monthly distribution list on Yahoo Groups to distribute the monthly text version of the list. With the recent site upgrade, I totally forgot to put a link to the monthly mailing list on the new site!

So if you want to have the list sent to you in E-mail, feel free to sign up at this URL and have the list sent to you once per month. Of course, you can always come here for any changes during the month with the “daily” list, or just look on the site for the newly added BBSes.

At some point in the future, we may move this to another platform (considering that Yahoo may implode any day now!), but for now it seems to work fine!