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Westwood II BBS – telnet://westwoodbbs.net:8888

Westwood BBS II is a follow-up BBS from its original 1980s predecessor which was run on a Commodore 64 from the countryside of Beaverton, Oregon. The original system featured some unique hacks that pushed beyond the limited 300 baud realm to a blazing 345(!) baud and contained a tight-knit community of users.

Fast forward to today, the system is run on a virtual cloud system through Ubuntu and powered by the highly customizable Enigma BBS software. The BBS focus areas are on Flight SImulation, emulation (DOS, Commodore, Colecovision, MAME) and morning-coffee / evening-wine discussions. Westwood is a proud member of fsxNet and BBS-Link Doors.

The BBS currently features three themes for the user interface; the default Enigma Luciano Blocktronics theme, a retro Commodore theme, and for users that want to keep it simple – a “Keep It Simple Stupid” theme.

Launched on 27 January 2021, the system is continuing some minor development but is available for new users to join up.

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International Messaging through fsxNet

MIchael Newkirk
Author: MIchael Newkirk

Sysop of CAMN (Beaverton, OR) and Ultrex (Chula Vista, CA) back in 80s and 90s' Co-Sysop of Westwood BBS (Beaverton, OR).in 80's. Now proud Sysop of Westwood BBS II from King George VA