Just a little BBS and the main hub for Poofnet and a few other nets IF you want Poofnet feel free to log on and download a poofnet pack

CB2 Micro BBS

The CB2 micro BBS, runs from a microcontroller! Find more info about this wonderful microcomputer at http://cb2.qrp.gr Feel free to explore and post a public message on the BBS. If you want to do the same as I did, do not hesitate to contact me.

Zelch BBS

From 1986-1993, The Zelch BBS ran on regular phone lines before being revived in 1996 as the world’s First Commodore 8-bit telnet BBS. That 1996 configuration is back again in its original colorful and whimsical glory, still running on the same C128 with the same original Zelch 128 software.