Error 404 BBS File Server

Another companion BBS for Sysops to add to their BBSes from the Sysop Solaris family . Sysop will need to contact me to get linked but all are welcome . If your a sysop and want to add a large file area to your BBS Email me at

Error 404 BBS Phone Book

BBS Phone Book is a companion BBS for Sysops to add content to their boards. Users can also direct connect via Error404BBS.DDns.Net:419


We’ve got over 100+ doors, including doors from BBSLink and DoorParty. We also have FidoNet, fsxNet and Micronet. The sysop (Nick) is on most of the time and would love a chat 🙂


This BBS is available via dial-up over C*NET. If you’re interested in BBSes then you’ll like C*NET.

  • Either head onto and sign up for a block of phone numbers – they should process this within 48 hours.
  • Or, contact me at and I’ll give you a number 🙂

You’ll have to put the details into an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) and you’ll be able to plug a modem into that.

This BBS is accessible at +44 (0) 1-421-6425.

Pot O’Gold BBS

I’m resurrecting my BBS from back in the early 90’s. I’m going to focus on getting more door games and get Fidonet running as well.

StealthWorld BBS

On my personal BBS homespace you can download my music I wrote over a period of 25 years. You can also find music made by other BBS’ers (hey Nuke!), read BBC news channels, scramble your Rubik’s magic Cube, listen to DJ mixes and much more.

Come on over and chat live with fellow BBS’ers, drop some messages, play good old doorgames on BBSlink or just be witty and leave a great oneliner for us all to enjoy!

Or visit my Gopher space online at:

Hope to see you around!




Apple II based BBS with an aviation theme. ProTerm Special!

Forums, File Transfers

Radio Club Moron

Dedicated to amateur radio. This BBS has all the packet network newsletters.

32-Bit BBS

32-Bit BBS is one of the few Spitfire BBS’s still online. This is a complete rebuild of my first BBS back in the early 90s right down to the ANSI menus. Thanks to an old backup i was able to recreate it and thanks to NetSerial I’m able to logons via telnet. We have two full menu of door game classics that we all loved back in the day.




The X-Bit is back online! The BBS was created based off my first Spitfire BBS i ran back in the early to mid 90s ’32-Bit BBS’. I actually just rebuilt my first BBS recently and it can be accessed here:

X-Bit BBS run Synchronet and was online from 2001-2008 and again for a few months in 2011. X-Bit BBS has well over 300 door games installed and ready to access.

HyNET BBS login menu


Just a small personal BBS where I mess around and explore some BBS stuff at. Feel free to hang out! I might be in MRC at times. Also available with a web terminal:


To register a new account using ssh, try connecting using the username “new”: $ ssh