Ballon BBS

I have been in Japan for a long time.
Therefore, my talk partner is only Japanese people and I do not speak in English very often.
On the other hand, my English communication at SNS has increased.
I opened a BBS to strengthen my English.

By the way … Do you like balloons?


Commodore 64 NTSC Scene BBS. Home of CMBBS 2017/2019. Home of USA Cracking / NTSC Fixing group UDI.

Bottomless Abyss BBS

See for up to date information.
Account can be created securely from the website.

* Many networks and doors
* Great focus on privacy
* BBS home of Hackfest, Defcon613 and The StarGate Complex CTF challenge
* Free access but manual account validation required
* Serious users only
* No need to provide real info but if you choose to provide a fake id, please
  be creative.
* Accounts that shows no efforts during creation are flagged BOGUS on the spot.

From December 19th 2018 to January 18 2019, the BBS was running it's Discovery
Contest. Create an account and connect regularly to keep yourself updated on
the events.

Here is the final ranking after contest. The feedback was awesome, keep an eye
out for the next one.

The BBS is also hosting the weekly Meetup In The Abyss on Wednesdays at 9PM EST.
It's the perfect time to connect and chat with other users and SysOps from many
other BBSes.


Sagramour’s Realm

Just welcoming WWIV BBS. We pull in all the subs. Door Games will be working soon…


Chinwag BBS reliving BBSing from the 90’s.

BBS MouseNet

BBS MouseNet is a real telnetable 8 Bit BBS running on an old Atari 800XL (576kb Ram battery buffered)  with Sio2SD Floppy Emulator. Connected via Lantronix UDS10 and
ICD P: R: Connection to the Ethernet/Internet. BBS MouseNet is online since 2003. Use Syncterm for Windows to see this BBS in ATASCII.

Running Syncronet BBS and we are connected to several FTN networks like FidoNet, over 100,000 messages, 128,000 available files to download and lots of online games.

DOSzombie BBS

A Bulletin Board System completely dedicated to DOS. That includes programs, games & files. Tons of Shareware from way back, registered Legend of the Red Dragon 3.55 Going to make an attempt to convince computer users of today that DOS still has lots to offer & can be a new Social Media Platform!


MSmac BBB (R) – PCBoard Worldwide Home BBS All PCBoard and tools available, Fidonet and all PCBoard Dev Team Boards. Telnet : Web:




We have it all! Just let us know what games you want.


MajorMud realm reset Jan 2019


Remember Galactic Empire? “Rule the Universe, if you can!”

Lots to do, come say hello!

By the way, nobody is playing  Galactic Empire yet.


The Gate BBS serving the online BBS community since 1980. DOVEnet, FidoNet. Inter BBS gaming and more.

Gate BBS

The original Gate BBS serving the online BBS community since 1980. Home of ACnet (Advanced Communications Network).

Wrong Number V BBS

The Wrong Number Family Of BBS’ is proud to announce our newest and final piece of The Wrong Number BBS’. The Wrong Number V is running the Beta Version of Image BBS v2.0 on an Emulated C64 in WinVice. Unfortunately, at this time it is only running at 2400 baud. I use the term unfortunately for those looking for a fast BBS, but if you are looking to experience the 90’s BBS scene this is the BBS to call.. The BBS is a basic Image 2.0, one of only a few running 2.0. Give us a call and experience the past..

RetroTyme BBS

Back from 1992! 24x7x365 Operation & Fiber Connection. Great games such as Lords of Cyberspace, Brawl, Mutants, Blademaster, Galactic Empire, Classic TW2002 Interactive, Fazuul, Tele-Arena GOLD and much more. We’re always adding new games, and the only MajorBBS Left on Fidonet 🙂

Heights BBS

This is an Amiga BBS running on an Amiga 4000D with 4.0GB of online storage. The board offers Pfiles/Doors (Online Games), BBSLink Games (Multiplayer Games). We also offer a message base and file section. The Board is up 24/7 via telnet 6860, dial-up modem toll free 800-258-4660, Local 520-303-7894 or via your favorite web browser or via your favorite web browser

Coming soon: Fidonet!!

New Frontier ][ BBS

Totally rebuild from the previous BBS!

50,000 Files!

Online Games

Tons of Echos

RIP Graphics!

IRC Chat!


Amiga Frontier BBS

Your place for Amiga Fun!

Amiga Echomail! (C=net! and others!)

Over 10,000 Amiga FIles (and growing!)

Over 50 Online Games!

Running Mystic BBS under Windows and we offer many different networks and support several different computer systems.

LV-426 BBS

I used to run my BBS for a long time on C64’s New Image v1.2a (modded) back in the dialup days and later when the telnet boards started becoming a thing…until I had a corruption with my hard disk. The BBS has JoinLink, Circle MUD, UDs (C64, Amiga and Win/PC) and Subs areas.

Second Coming BBS

Put back online after 20 year hiatus. 6 months currently active. Emulating an Amiga with WinUAE on a dual-core Dell system. CNet BBS v5.21 with 10 nodes are always online, 50+ pfiles active and added BBSLinked games. RetroNet. CommodoreNet, Fidonet feeds active. Multiplayer games online too! Ca$h prizes to Monopoly Night winners!

Wrong Number ]I[ BBS

The Wrong Number family of BBS’ is proud to announce the opening of a Brand New CNet v5.21b Pro BBS serving the Amiga/Commodore community. Featuring CommodoreNet and RetroNet Echo Networks (Some more in the future) Online PFiles, At the moment 3 Game Servers (BCR – Black Country Rock, Quazar Game Server, and an In House Game Server) Files are being added by the day and will specialize in Amiga/Commodore CD’s and Files. CNet JoinLink Chat System hooked up to approximately 10 other BBS’ for your chatting fun. I feel it is like the old Qlink days when chatting in it. If you remember Qlink you will know what I mean.

DigiSoft Club (Telnet/FirstClass/Web BBS)

51 yo BBS nerd from Sweden.. Still thinking BBSing is fun..

The Telnet / SSH BBS contains the biggest filebase I have seen in any of the BBSes I have visited
327 Gb of data in 2700 filegroups with 370000 files.. Growing each day. (Softwares from the end of the eighties till the end of the ninties.)

The Graphical BBS has FirstClass Server as the engine. The Filebase in it is constantly growing (as inte the telnet one). Right now there is BBS related fileareas, with almost all BBS-server software I have found while surfing the still active FTP Servers around the net.

If you wanna try you can download the digisoft client here (DigiSoft Client) (if asked the unpackpassword is “digisoft”)

The WebBBS at “” is a complement to the Graphical BBS

Atrium BBS

Disappeared fifteen years ago, now resurrected. Multi-user, eXpress Message live chat. Retro-computing focus.  Now with dialup access as well!

Quantum Wormhole

It’s a BBS, running on Mystic v1.12 A39 Part of the tqwNet, fsxNet, RetroNet, FidoNet networks. Running since August 2018.

Search BBS

Hobby BBS connected to FSXNet among other message networks. The primary purpose was to get back into BBSing after running a Wildcat BBS in Sioux Falls, SD back in the mid 90s.

Dawn of Demise (1)

Welcome to the Dawn of Demise BBS. This BBS is running MajorBBS v6.25-256 and is my tribute to the old days of electronic bulletin board systems. It includes many classic door games popular to MajorBBS.