PowerLink BBS

Unofficial support site for PowerBBS for Windows, written by Russel Frey.


Ciberspace BBS is dedicated to retro computing, and is home base for operating systems LibreDOS and AtheOS.

Bucko’s Den II

Running Enigma 1/2 and still in the process of being built, but is loaded with Game Servers (including my own) Tons of Files to Download, and Networks for your Message needs.. Check us out!!


Currently in very early development, PiBBS is a side project I decided to undertake in order to make use of hardware and free time that would otherwise be wasted. Due to the state of development, users may encounter bugs, unfinished features, and possibly service outages and/or total resets.


I am Japanese. So I can only speak in Japanese. This host is Japanese only. I would appreciate it if you could connect even a little. This host is just a normal BBS. If you have time, please try to connect.