Dead Zone

Onslaught WHq 1 Gig CMD HardDrive JiffyDos. WiModem Real Breadbox Commodore 64!

Great, Great Wall BBS

Welcome to The great, great wall BBS! A system that was created for fun and experimentation. This is also to my knowledge, the only BBS currently running in South Africa. It is located in Pinetown, Kwazulu-Natal, and runs on a 66 MHz 486DX, with 8 MB of RAM and a 20 GB hard drive (configured using WD’s Ez-Drive). The system runs the Worldgroup BBS software, and is connected directly to the Internet through an Ethernet card, via a packet driver.

Picture of the BBS’s server:


This BBS is still under construction, so things are going to feel somewhat incomplete compared to other boards, but more content should be coming soon. One of my plans for this board is to have a large amount of vintage software available for download in the file section, so that people with serial WiFi modem devices can easily download software directly onto their systems. BBS currently has a library of over 4,000 MOD music files for download. I may also include other files of historical value and interest, such as a mirror of’s library, or something similar.

For the record, this system’s name is an inside joke, and is not in any way associated with any political views whatsoever.

Sysop of this system is RetroM (aka: 44CT232 on YouTube), and co-sysop is themaritimegirl (also on YouTube). We hope you have fun and enjoy your stay!

Digital Wurmhole

Digital Wurmhole is a passion project to relive nostalgic memories. Currently connected to various echomail nets and door game servers. Currently, the Wurmhole is running Mystic software on a Raspberry Pi 3.

Thirteenth (13th) Leader BBS

13th Leader is a reboot of an 8-bit Atari 800 XL  BBS from back in the late 1980’s!  Originally hosted out of Hamilton Ontario Canada!   Back in the 80’s we ran on  8-bit “Home Grown”  BBS software and 2 1/4″  floppy drives.     Still hosted in Southern Ontario but now on an Ubuntu LXD container running Mystic BBS.  New users are always welcome!


$ telnet 8023    *  Atari Discussion and Information

$ telnet 6502    * Demo 8-bit BBS Express on 800 XL


Goto for more info and other Atari content!



Wrong Number ][ BBS

Old School, with a touch of today. Over 240 Doors via game servers. fsxNet, CommodoreNet, RetroNet, FidoNet, CombatNet Games and Message bases, doREnet. New in-house Game Server being added which will hold many registered games, Old School File Base with many older Shareware CD’s.

Proxima Centauri BBS

A primarily Sci-FI / Fantasy themed BBS with over 25 door games available including Legend of the Red Dragon (LORD), Legend of the Red Dragon 2 (LORD2), Trade Wars 2002, Operation Overkill ][, Planets: The Exploration of Space, Usurper, Barren Realms Elite (BRE) and many more!

Ghetto BBS

My old VBBS board the first software I started out with. Ah the memories.
Many updates, lots of Doors and working on the RIP screen now!

Brewery BBS

Heavily modified GBBS Pro system running on real Apple //e hardware.

Wildcat’s Castle BBS

Bulletin, messages, files, door games, chat, and other info. in BBS. BBS info/
bulletin, game scores, comic and photo of any castles in Web page. L.O.R.D.,
WT-LORD, Tradewars 2002 game server, and more. Wildcat! v4, and Synchronet

Commodore4ever BBS

**Supports Commodore Graphics Only**

Running Color 64 SCPU. BBS was modified by c4ever to run on a CMD SuperCPU in Turbo.

  • 128D
  • CMD SuperCPU
  • CMD HD-40 with 4gb SD Card
  • CMD FD-2000
  • Rear Admiral ThunderDrive 4.1gb
  • Glink RS-232 and BBS Server 1.4a
  • 1mb REU

Altered Dimensions

Running Image 1.2b on Commodore 64c, CMD SuperCPU,  CMD HD-40, Swiftlink Cartridge 19.2k baud


ProLine BBS, running on a custom version of the KEGS Apple IIgs emulator, running on Amazon EC2 Linux Server. Features a contemporary usenet feed, 30-year historical usenet feed, and selected RSS feeds. Login as “guest”, “cowsay”, or “adduser”.


In operation until 1996 CIA Amiga BBS was a BBS consisting of mostly Amiga software downloads and message areas. Commodore 8 bit computers were supported also. Now back online after a 22 year hiatus to welcome Amiga and 8 bit Commodore users. FidoNet and AmigaNet will be added to the BBS soon.

Underground BBS

The Underground BBS originally started on July 4th, 1994, in Henderson, Kentucky, as a free expression BBS with focus on games, obscure files, and information related to various religions, conspiracies, UFO’s, and the unknown. Originally, the BBS was ran on Wildcat software, switched briefly to Major BBS, back to Wildcat, and now to Synchronet.

Herbies-BBS II

Herbies-BBS II running under Mystic BBS.

Connected to fsxNet, FidoNet and providing several Door Games.

Guest login available gast/g4st or guest/gu3st

Sanctuary BBS

Sanctuary BBS is back after more than 20 years in coma.
This BBS was Fairlight SHQ in the 90’s
Content: mainly Amiga scene stuff.

Razz Pie BBS

This BBS is ran entirely on a Raspberry PI 3

Using Mystic 1.12 A38, with several Mystic MPL Door games


Raspberry PI and Mystic


Skylab Systems BBS

After 2 years of being down Skylab System BBS is up and running again. Update – I have made the switch to Mystic BBS software. So were in the midst of changing the system message areas that are up currently We have Fidonet, Survival-net and Dovenet up, Our next change is the Door system. Lots of door games are coming from Fresh Water Fishing with Fishing Derbys again for cash prizes. LORD, Trade Wars and many many more to go online. We’re also working on screens to make the system more fun. So stop on by and say hello. Keep checking back because there a lot of new changes taking place. Tell your Friends! Port 2325

Fidonet 1:123/120

Fsx_net 21:4/120

Survival-net 9:91/21

Amstrad BBS

Amstrad BBS

The Amstrad BBS (Bulletin Board System) for Amstrad Computers inluding CPC, PCW and PPC. The Amstrad BBS was setup to support Amstrad computer enthusiasts, fans and users – offering a community, chat and file archive.

Files 4 Fun BBS

BBS since the 1990’s. Many doors. Used to run on Spitfire as dialup, then later migrated to Wildcat! for Telnet. Now, in today’s Internet world, I am running Mystic.


This is a homage to my 90s BBS I ran from home with 4 PSTN lines.


– French Bonjours et bienvenu sur STATBBS un serveur français situé dans la region centre-val de Loire. le server est un lattepanda
il y a des service comme:

  • MAIL
  • FTP
  • WEB
  • IRC
  • (MSN) en développement

lucas, sysop of STATBBS

– English

Hello and welcome on STATBBS a server located in the region center-val de Loire.
the server is a lattepanda
there is a service like:

  • MAIL
  • FTP
  • WEB
  • IRC
  • (MSN) in development

lucas, sysop from STATBBS


Tardis BBS

This BBS was started by John Lorance in Phoenix Arizona in the nineteen eighties. I took it over a few years later and continued to develop the software. After being off line for a few years, it was reborn in 1999 as a multiuser, multithreaded BBS written in Ruby.