What the Dormouse Said

Location:Springfield, IL, USA

Are you looking for a place to connect with others over a nice game of Chess.  Would you be interested in going back in time to fight Dragons and Orcs.  Solve a murder, go head to head in real time for a game of Poker.  The Dormouse invites you to be a guest of the Queen of Hearts.

We are a mirror for BBSlink Door games, along with being a mirror of DoorParty.  The following Doors are available through your favorite Telnet client, or ftelnet down the Rabbit Hole at our website.

LORD, LORD2, MZK LORD, Operation Overkill II, Trade Wars 2002, Planets: The Exploration of Space, Global War, Global Backgammon, Usurper, Barren Realms Elite, Falcon’s Eye, Falcon’s Honor, The Arcadian Legends, DoorMUD, Pimp Wars, Lunatix, Netrunner, Assassin, BBS Crash, Virtual Sysop, The Pit, Bordello, Junkyard, Murder Motel, Darklands, Hackin’ Crackin’, Mega Slots, Fresh Water Fishing Sim, Lemondade, Dungeon Master, BCR Games Server, Legion, Graffiti Wall. We have just added many more.

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