Westwood BBS II

Software:Enigma 1/2
Location:King George, VA, USA

Focus areas: MAME, DOS , Coleco, Commodore and Atari emulation. Additionally, Flight simulation. BBS is fresh out of the gate and looking forward to suggestions for growth area. fsxNET, Retronet and Metronet member; DOORs games via BBS-Link and DoorParty. Multiple themes for user environment.

MIchael Newkirk
Author: MIchael Newkirk

Sysop of CAMN (Beaverton, OR) and Ultrex (Chula Vista, CA) back in 80s and 90s' Co-Sysop of Westwood BBS (Beaverton, OR).in 80's. Now proud Sysop of Westwood BBS II from King George VA

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