Thirteenth (13th) Leader BBS (8-Bit Demo)
Software:BBS Express
Location:Vineland, ON, Canada

13th Leader is a reboot of an 8-bit Atari 800 XL  BBS from back in the late 1980’s!  Originally hosted out of Hamilton Ontario Canada!  Back in the 80’s we ran on  8-bit “Home Grown”  BBS software and 2  5-1/4″  floppy drives.    Still hosted on a real 800XL Atari computer with A.P.E. to emulate disk and modem peripherals.

Note: Our 8-bit demo only has one node.  Only one user can access the node at a time.  If you cannot connect, some other user could be connected.   Go have a coffee and try again later.  Better yet, as you wait – visit for Atari info,  great Atari content and our main Atari discussion BBS!


$ telnet 6502    * Demo 8-bit BBS Express on a real 800 XL Computer!

$ telnet 8023    * Atari Discussion and Information


Goto for more info and other Atari content!

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Connect to Thirteenth (13th) Leader BBS (8-Bit Demo) Now!

This BBS is using a non-standard telnet port (6502), the web telnet script may not work.