Spy vs. Spy BBS

Location:Kitchener, ON, Canada

One of the few Christian Based BBSs that is available to the general public, some of the features include Legal PD MP3 streaming , Old time radio broadcasts, 10 TBs of storage online.




Author: rcamp48

Sysop of Spy Visits Spy BBS at spyvisitsspybbs.ddns.net

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4 thoughts on “Spy vs. Spy BBS

  1. Spy Visits Spy BBS is now hosting Old Time Radio Broadcasts, unfortunately the file system on the HTTP side does not yet work, I am getting an error 404 on that side. Everything else on the HTTP side is working good but needs work. But good news the on the telnet side everything works ok (or at least I am sure that there are no new errors). And even better news the new user questionairr no longer asks for a street address. Russ

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