Spot BBS
Location:Whitelaw, WI, USA

SPOT BBS is back after 30 years off line!

Originally an OPUS system running on a Columbia VP-1600 hotrodded with a V40 processor, high memory RAM disk, a monstrous 20MB Hard Drive and a Courier 9600 HST Modem, the modern SPOT is on a MintBox Linux Mint 20.1 fanless PC running Mystic v1.12.

Access is Telnet port 1123, ssh port 1122 and http port 8888

MysticBBS has been minimalized by cr1mson at to meet the streamlined feel of the original SPOT BBS Opus board.

Gopher access and the Mystic Relay Chat (MRC) are off the main menu.

Current have fsxNet, FidoNet, SpookNet, WhipserNet, LegionNet, FishingNet, DoveNet, The Quantum Wormhole and VK Radio Net echomail access.

Login with your Amateur Radio (Ham) call sign or leave the Sysop a note, and you will upgraded above regular user access.




Steve Weinert
Author: Steve Weinert

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This BBS is using a non-standard telnet port (1123), the web telnet script may not work.

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