Silicon Underground (ProBoard)
Modem: 585-532-7217
Location:Rochester, NY, USA

SiliconUnderground, located in Rochester, NY.

In the late eighties through the nineties the BBS ran using multiple BBS packages and was part of Fidonet and one of the co-founders of StormNet. I owned PCBoard and WildCat! commercial licensed versions but could never settle on one package. Alan Jurison was a co-author of T.A.G. and I started to use that as I had a local support base. I always saw Synchronet in Boardwatch and other magazines and really liked it. I had the demo but by the time I was going to switch and purchase it, I moved on and shut down the BBS.

For mail network software I used FrontDoor and that is still my favorite. Now I use binkd as my mailer and hope to switch to FrontDoor soon as Joaquim Homrigausen is “rebooting” it. I am waiting for native telnet and binkp support.

I purchased the rights and source code to ProBoard BBS and have been fixing issues and upgrading different parts.

You can connect to SiliconUnderground, the ProBoard WHQ by:

Dial Up: 585-532-7217 -or- 585-532-7218


Author: Massacre

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