Northern Borderlands BBS

Location:Sacramento, CA, USA

The Northern Borderlands BBS is a redesign, re-envision and resurrection of my old BBS by the same name that started circa 1992 in Salem, OR. It was later converted to a telnet-only BBS in 2000, then eventually was decommissioned in 2003-2004.

Northern Borderlands had a focus on the gaming niche, in particular that of tabletop gaming (Board Games, Card Games, Tabletop RPGs, etc.) but also had a decent number of message bases and file areas devoted to video games. During it’s heyday, it had sponsored/hosted many local BBS meets, spawned scores of pick-up game nights and not a few regular gaming groups, particularly for that in the Dungeons & Dragons arena.

I aim to re-focus the BBS to the same niche. Several gaming-focused message boards have been started and I hope to see lots of conversation in them. I’m slowly uploading PDFs and old DOS and Windows games that are available for download as well.

Come and join me in this adventure. I look forward to having you!

Current Echo Bases: fsxNet (21:2/107)

The Northern Borderlands is best viewed when using Netrunner. Visit by pointing at on Port 23. Here’s a preconfigured version. Just open, hit Alt-D and Enter.

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