Necronomicon BBS
Location:New Bedford, MA, USA

Ran and maintained by Carlos Roldan aka Necromaster. Running Mystic BBS windows (Latest Version) on port 23. Come check us out!  WHQ for RetroNet. With areas for Amiga, Atari, PC, Coleco Adam, Apple, Emulators and others. Currently have the following Network message and file areas: SurvNet, FSXNet, AgoraNet, DoreNet, GatorNet, SFNet, CSCNet, SportNet, MicroNet, CyberNet, DoveNet, MusicalNet, DeveloperNet, Radio/Weather Net, CombatNet, WhisperNet, FidoNet, RetroNet and HappyNet! Featuring CombatNet 411 league door games, BBSLink door games and DoorParty GameSrv server written by Rick Parrish. The server has over 160 door games with almost every one registered, and about 70 DOS text games. The LORD game also has about 130 IGMs rotated to 5 random per day! Hosted by Throwback BBS! Also featuring MRC which allows you to chat with users connected locally to the BBS as well as other users from other systems! Cyber-Net Eastern Coordinator. ANSI ONLY!


Author: Necromaster

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