Global Chaos BBS
Location:Prittriching, Bavaria, Germany

The Global Chaos BBS started in the early 90’s with AmiExpress. In the Mid of the 90’s I moved to PcBoard v15.22/v15.3. Closed the BBS at the End of the 90’s. Now, a little bit older, I purchased Wildcat Interactive Server v8.xx to reopen the Global Chaos BBS. 34 Nodes are actually Online. Growing up till 50 Nodes in 2023. Telnet runs, WEB entry should work (but Web-Site is under contruction) and FTP should work, too. Main Focus at the File-Areas is BBS’ing, (Amiga/Dos/Windows/OS/2/Linux) but the Amiga-, Windows-, OS/2-, Mods/Sounds- and Ansi-Conferences  should be filled up soon. Still learning every day with Wildcat 🙂

FidoNet, AmiNet, WINSnet and more or less other interesting Net’s are available or should be available in the near future.

I love BBS’ing! Have a great day



Michael Selhof
Author: Michael Selhof

Oldies are Goldies! And gray is the colour 🙂

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