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Location:Vincennes, IN, USA

Electronic Warfare BBS, like so many other BBSes, first entered service in the early 90′s. During the first year, EWBBS ran Telegard BBS software; thereafter, for reasons which are not forgotten, we switched to Renegade BBS software. Back then, EWBBS provided three message networks, FidoNet, the Paul Revere Network and SGA-Net. The primary mission of EWBBS was (and still is) providing Online Games for its users. The board boasted membership in several Inter-BBS leagues and it racked up quite a large long-distance telephone bill every month. Sadly, as was the case of many other BBSes, our board dwindled away with the advent of the Internet as it’s users lost interest.

EWBBS was brought back online in 1999 but only for a few short months as an Internet Only board. During that period the board was connected to a 64K ISDN Line; it was running Wildcat BBS software on a Windows Platform. I have to say that I did not care much for the Wildcat BBS Software nor the Windows OS. Unfortunately, my dislike of the boards setup and the reality that the boards original users were more interested in the Internet than in BBSing lead to it being shutdown once again.

But since yet another rebirth in 2011 I am excited to be able to provide EWBBS once again, but his time the BBS is running the very popular Synchronet BBS software package. What makes it even more interesting, at least for this SysOp, is that the board is running on an Ubuntu Linux platform located on a very fast and reliable network.   Please consider becoming a regular participant at EWBBS. The more people using it, the more fun it is!

Fat Rastus

Electronic Warfare BBS

Fat Rastus
Author: Fat Rastus

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