Anima Ex Machina
Nodes:1 / 100 sessions per node
Location:Houston, TX, USA

The connections with people that last a lifetime through online and tabletop games and a shared passion for exploring machines and their languages are the soul of the machines. Multi-user chat, Crossroads of the Elements MUD, Elite-x/84, Exodus GameNet, Tabletop RPGs, Programming, Microcomputers.

Author: aXoN

Atari VCS, Color Computer, Commodore 64, Timex 2068, Amigas, Atari 1040, PCs, PlayStations, Raspberry Pis, UNIX, Linux, Assembler, Java, Python, Traveller, Star Frontiers, Cyberpunk, Living Steel, Aliens, Cepheus Engine... Distracted.

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