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The Gate BBS serving the online BBS community since 1980. DOVEnet, FidoNet. Inter BBS gaming and more.

The original Gate BBS serving the online BBS community since 1980. Home of ACnet (Advanced Communications Network).
Software:Image BBS

Genetic-PET is been Beta test for a 3 years… old Wfimodem and 1.2a Image BBS SW did not work well and speed was 2400Baud So this year we updated all new Image3.0 BBS software new Wifimodem Link232 give us full 38.4KBaud line speed price was total new born and all data swap a way so […]
Software:MAX's PRO

Available on port 500 and 1024 All About Retro i reboot my old Amiga BBS  from deep sleep (online whit modem 1998-2002) it born again 2013 with Faster Telnet connection and now multi node original system run real Amiga 2000 030/50Mhz no emulation just pure metal ! Spare A4000 system hosting BBS now weird […]

Fun loving Bulletin Board System Running a RETRO BBS=Virtual Advanced 2.0 Lots of 16 bit and 32 bit doors and many other things to keep you happy!      


BBS in German language only.