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Once ‘Fear and Loathing’ in New Orleans, the BBS is back in a new city but with the games and message areas you love. Looking forward to seeing old friends as well as making new ones. See you on the board! Do you like stickers? We all like stickers. Send me your address and I’ll […]

BBS for fans of the Classic MacOS platform

New Synchronet BBS – Goal is to recreate a place where folks can play games, plenty of message board topics, and cross BBS chat.

you can also call with Telnet/SSL on port 992! ZOC  supports Telnet/SSL by default. (highly recommended!) SyncTERM nightly builds also support Telnet/SSL. (Listed as “TelnetS” under Connection Type) bear in mind nightly builds are meant for testing and might be rough around the edges. cold fusion is back after a (rather long) hiatus! lots of […]

Just a BBS for radio comms nuts

This BBS was built with the spirit of retro-gaming in mind…     …with special emphasis placed on classic door games, such as… LORD…   Usurper (both new and classic modes)…   Multiple games of Operation Overkill, arranged by difficulty…   TradeWars, Yankee Trader, and other TW-likes…   plus a curated selection of many others.  […]