Online BBS

Please press “Enter” twice or your IP was banned at the login! This ist anti portscanning Tool we have installed.

The Online BBS Starts since 1991. We have a lot of Online Games for you. A Big Amiga Corner and many more.

Orbit BBS

Orbit BBS features: Local message bases available. Also connected to FSX Net. First call access to the full system. Website is available with fTelnet.

Outwest BBS

The Outwest BBS revamped from the early 1990’s

Old Time’s Sake BBS

Ah, those modem days! The pre-internet online world had its own magic, don’t you agree?
Old Time’s Sake Bulletin Board System is still alive and hopefully will remain so for years to come. Curious minds are welcome to discover what all is about, as well as nostalgic fellows to feel the excitement once again. So, click “Connect” and enjoy the long-forgotten ascii/ansi world, run some Doors and catch yourself smiling again…

Outpost BBS

Outpost BBS is the home of Cheepware BBS doors/sysop utilities and the Micronet Information Network using zone 618. There’s something for everyone at the Outpost!   Outpost is a member of Fidonet (1:18/200).  A nice selection of door games and an ever-growing filebase is available with over 11GB of files!

Outpost BBS runs MBSE

You can connect to the Outpost via telnet on port 10123 or the website.  Guest login is available by using “guest” (without quotes) as the username and no password.

Point and full feeds for Fidonet are available for qualified systems.

Outer Limits BBS

The Outer Limits BBS was started back in 1993 and from there we ran for 2 years on Dial up and went down around 1997. Then in 2001 I heard about telnet BBSes and wanted to know how I could get my BBS back online! We are online and with a 4+ year straight run online!

UPDATE! 04/29/2021

I dropped the ball and forgot to renew the old hostname =( But now we have NEW hostname and we are ALWAYS OPEN 24-7 & 365 Days a Year!

UPDATE! 07/10/2019

We currently switch to another hostname and sorry to all for the inconvenience if you called and nothing =(


UPDATE! 06/30/2018

With sad news the DNS we currently are using will be shutting down August 1st =( The Outer Limit’s will have a NEW HOSTNAME =)


UPDATE! 09/19/2016

The Outer Limit’s BBS has Re-Designed, New Software Synchronet v3.16! We offer 18+ Online Games and are continuously doing more for the BBS! Come and join us for the new fresh look and let me know what you think. All my users have been saved in this process. We changed out hostname and domain to do something different.

New Menus!

Outer Limit's New Main Menu


Doors Menu

Outer Limit's Online Games Menu


Onix BBS

Philadelphia’s friendliest BBS! Online continuously since April 1987! One of the first BBSes in the world to run MajorBBS software. Featured in several publications. Voted to Boardwatch’s top 100 BBS list.