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As time marches forward, we are becoming more and more security conscious. We are moving away from insecure protocols such as Telnet and moving on to Secure Shell or SSH. Though many BBSes aren’t able to move to SSH, we are now trying to make accessing those who are SSH capable easier. Starting with the […]

Hosted in the city of Recife, Brazil, Brain Storm BBS operated with two lines from 1992 to 1996. In 2004, it was back live at the Internet. It is a member of Fidonet and a founder member of RBT. Lots of doors are available, including Global War, Red Dragon, and a nice multi-node chat. SSH […]

SPOT BBS is back after 30 years off line! Originally an OPUS system running on a Columbia VP-1600 hotrodded with a V40 processor, high memory RAM disk, a monstrous 20MB Hard Drive and a Courier 9600 HST Modem, the modern SPOT is on a MintBox Linux Mint 20.1 fanless PC running Mystic v1.12. Access is […]

HyNET BBS login menu
Software:Enigma 1/2

Just a small personal BBS where I mess around and explore some BBS stuff at. Feel free to hang out! I might be in MRC at times. Also available with a web terminal:   To register a new account using ssh, try connecting using the username “new”: $ ssh

The author of the popular YouTube documentary “Back to the BBS” now has a complimentary BBS! Features: Curated retro-computing content including retro games, music, apps as well as more modern stuff for your retro computing purposes. MRC Inter-BBS chat Some great message network groups for all your geeky discussions (fsxNet, tqwNet, RetroNet and ArakNet) Great […]
Modem: +44-1484-320007 (Huddersfield UK) / +44-207-096-2030 (London UK) / +1-415-839-5099 (San Francisco USA) / +1-647-931-2292 (Toronto Canada) / +1-773-541-4390 (Chicago USA) / +1-917-391-2777 (New York USA) / +44-1484-280168 (Huddersfield UK)
Connection:, ,

A UK BBS which was born on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum using a citizen band radio as a network/transfer medium, before being ported to the Atari ST & modem. Reborn in 2021 on UNIX with dial up options. Line 1 : +44-1484-320007 (Huddersfield UK) Line 2 : +44-207-096-2030 (London UK) Line 2 : +1-415-839-5099 (San […]

Update, August 2020: The Basement Theory has returned to “public status,” open to all. The Basement Theory is a re-envisioning of the dial-up BBS I ran in the 1990s. Originally running in the local-calling area for Scioto County, Ohio and northern Greenup County, Kentucky, The Basement Theory existed under three BBS names: The Cool (1993-94), The […]

Final Zone BBS is a Bulletin Board System focused on conversation about vintage technology, gaming, and the like with a goal of being a kind of haven away from the typical “noise” of social media – the memes, the emoji, the trends, the flood of meaningless “me too” posts, and all of the “flavor of […]

Paladium since early 1990’s 50+ Dos based Door Games 10+ 32bit based Doors. Telnet out to other BBS’s. Full access on first call. NEW quick login and registration process. Please visit AvL-SyS our new BBS system with full a e-mail system. ssh, telnet, http, smtp, pop3.

Formerly known as Waldo’s Place USA, we are a top-tier Star-meshed Fidonet echomail hub & an IFDC FileGate Project(sm) hub. Telnet/SSH/HTTPS UIs. Thanks Hurricane Florence (2018) for the push to set up this new system. Drop by for a visit today! Always a WIP 😉

Hey folks! I’m going to get back to blogging again. It’s been a while since I really did some serious blogging, and I figure this would be a good place to start. So what’s on my mind with regards to BBSing? Quite a bit actually. BBSing in the summer of 2019 is interesting from the […]

Star Collision BBS was a RemoteAccess BBS founded in the summer of 1993, mainly focusing on text files, DOS utilities and FidoNet echomail conferences. A dedicated phone line was installed on January 10, 1994. After being a FidoNet point (2:206/120.6) for some time, the BBS became a FidoNet node (2:206/137) on August 4, 1995 and […]

31-July-2020 We have some new ANSI screens.  Found a copy of TETRA to install in the games area, who doesn’t like a good game of tetris? Local weather page. Hmm what else is new.. ahhh joined FSXnet, looks like JOHO’s key making days might be over, his HD was unrecoverable so no keys coming for […]

Welcome to This Old Cabin BBS, since 2021-01-01 multilingual with nodes in both swedish and english. The system has been up since 2017 and focuses on nice chatter with active message areas (10 000+ posts since the start) and nice doors with a registered version of Hack & Slash. Connection can be established via Telnet, […]

The Wretched Beagle was originally set up in 1993 in Traverse City Michigan running WWIV 4.24 on a 386/25 notebook computer. The current incarnation was set up in 2014 on linux and is primarily a test system to help with developing WWIV 5  Since it’s running the latest bleeding-edge WWIV5.3, things are likely rough around […]

As time marches on, the Internet is getting to be a scarier place. These days, are you sure you can really trust the connection to a server? Even “surfing” the Internet on your web browser is risky. Do you really want to log on that site and trust it with your user ID and password? […]

Running Synchronet 3.17b, Arkansas’ EXCLUSIVE Ham Radio and Weather BBS, features, messages, files, and doors, with G/PG content. Christian Material is online for those wanting it. The BBS is down for thunderstorm potential and maintenance. Entry of a CAPTCHA code is required upon connect. SSH is back online, but the port is not conventional. Verified […]

Archaic Binary is an easy to use BBS open to the public. Lots to do! I have created the majority of doors myself, tools available for playing around. Door games locally and via game networks. We have active message areas, local and networked. Advanced security available with SyncTERM using SSH (username/password in SyncTERM is archaic/binary, […]

The Blood Stone rises again!!! The BS BBS began its adventure on a Commodore C64 back in the mid-1980s and later evolved into a WWIV system in the 1990s. Family became the priority so the Blood Stone was laid to rest for the remainder of the 20th century. Now, nearly two decades later, the kids […]