32-Bit BBS

32-Bit BBS is one of the few Spitfire BBS’s still online. This is a complete rebuild of my first BBS back in the early 90s right down to the ANSI menus. Thanks to an old backup i was able to recreate it and thanks to NetSerial I’m able to logons via telnet. We have two full menu of door game classics that we all loved back in the day.



Rock BBS

Full retro-bbs featuring Spitfire BBS from Buffalo Creek Software! From its beginnings in May of 1992 to today The Rock features netmail, echomail, awesome doorgames as well as a warehouse full of retro software. Whether new to retro-bbs’ing or an expert you will find something you like at The Rock!

Leisure Time BBS II

BBS Running on Spitfire v3.7 (DOS). Featuring message nets from FidoNet, FSXNet, RetroNet and SCINet. Full menu full of Door games.