Three Hundred (300) F-ing Baud BBS

300 F-ing Baud BBS.

It’s not really 300 Baud…

This is a Single Node BBS running RyBBS.
It is designed with the Older Computer
in mind.  40 or 80 Column computers.
Sorry, No Dial-Up.
The site hosts TONS of old computer
software for you to Download.
It also has several Door Games like:

Pimp Wars
BBS Crash
Jet Combat
Mech Wars
And these original Door Games by Gary Crunk
Star Trek Enhanced
Break the Web
Motel Kalifornia!

In order to download, you can’t use
programs like Syncterm because the
downloads won’t work.  I suggest using
programs such as Procomm in DOS.

If you forget to add the 2524 at the end,
you will end up at Another F-ing BBS.

Check out my 2 Other BBS’s:
Another F-ing BBS:
Quazar BBS Door Game Server:


Gary Crunk