StealthWorld BBS

On my personal BBS homespace you can download my music I wrote over a period of 25 years.

Come on over and chat live with fellow BBS’ers, drop some messages, play good old doorgames on BBSlink or just be witty and leave a great oneliner for us all to enjoy!

Hope to see you around!



Westwood BBS II

Focus areas: MAME, DOS , Coleco, Commodore and Atari emulation. Additionally, Flight simulation. BBS is fresh out of the gate and looking forward to suggestions for growth area. fsxNET, Retronet and Metronet member; DOORs games via BBS-Link and DoorParty. Multiple themes for user environment.

Demigoth BBS

Demigoth BBS is focused on the old school cool of classic BBS door games.  This includes a fully registered Tradewars 2002 game server (TWGS) running multiple games with different configurations. New TW2002 universies are banged regularly.  We’re also running other favorites such as Legend of the Red Dragon (L.O.R.D.), LORD II: The New World, Planets the Exploration of Space, Barren Realms Elite, Global War, Usurper, DoorMUD, and others.

Never Never Land BBS

419’s oldest BBS running. Since 1989! Online games, messages and files. Mystic BBS support files. BBS moved to a new location. Faster more stable connection.

Hive32 BBS

Hive32 BBS, as of right now we are offering services such as echomail on the FSXNET. Soon to be added MRC chat, UseNet, FidoNet, and more.

Land of the Barons BBS

Welcome to the first and only BBS dedicated to “Land of the Barons”, my favorite BBS game from the early 90s! The board has several resources related to this great game, including a list of BBSs running the game, and test and turn-based versions of the game where time can be controlled from the BBS

Captain’s Quarters II

Pirate-themed ANSI BBS that caters to Macintosh and Apple IIgs users, but all retrocomputer users are welcome! The BBS features Apple IIgs / Macintosh downloads, Door Games including LORD 1 & II / Trade Wars / Lemonade Stand / Trivia, and thousands of Apple II / Mac game-related text files.

Eternal Domain

Active Legend of the Red Dragon and Usurper games.  Linked to BBSLink external LORD and Darkness 2.0.  fsxNet echomail node.  File areas including BBS systems, doors, and retro software.

Escape 2020 and join us for multi-user chat 8:00 PM PST Wednesday nights!


Semjaza BBS

A little telnet BBS with some retro bbs games. Doors to locally run games and externally hosted games as well. Meant to be a chill place to hang out, play around, experiment with the limits of ascii and ansi, and just have a good time.