Wicked Garden BBS

This BBS is step up to so the Sysop can relive his youth calling up local BBS around the area. FsxNet and more nets to come.

Cybersteampunk BBS

Definition of cyber : of, relating to, or involving computers or computer networks (such as the Internet). Definition of steampunk : science fiction dealing with 19th-century societies dominated by historical or imagined steam-powered technology. It’s my first BBS on a RPi, it will be fun, at work 🙂


Welcome to the XM Core! We’re glad to see you enjoy the best in digital warez. We’re striving to achieve as much of the modern demo, retro computing, and maker scene related material as possible.

Vortex BBS

An oldschool board from the 1997 art scene in the 864 area. Totally art’d out and modded. Original in-house developed apps. Unique BBS experience, classic and modern..


Running a Mystic BBS on a new Raspberry Pi Zero W I bought for my birthday and Xmas. Currently…am a member of fsxNet/WWIVNet/SciNet/Door Party. After the first of the year…may be adding more networks having to do with retrogaming and retro computers and general topics.

Since moving from Windows 7 to Raspbian on the Pi Zero…all of my doors are running in Door Party. This allows me to be able to have almost 200 doors from old DOS text adventures to common BBS standards from TW2002 and my favorite…Bordelo without spending time attempting to get DOS x86 doors working on the ARM platform. In addition…am working with Quarzar in the very near future to be able to allow all users of ACME  to use the doors on his game server as well.

In addition after the first of the year…am looking at compiling a guide on getting Mystic BBS under a Raspberry Pi from my experience on converting from Windows to the Pi. This way…if you decide to do the same…you will not lose your hair/mind…like I did.

Storm BBS

Storm-themed BBS with experimental Python scripts, FSXNet and Fidonet message networks, BBSLink doors, and a friendly, helpful sysop.

Northern Borderlands BBS

The Northern Borderlands BBS is a redesign, re-envision and resurrection of my old BBS by the same name that started circa 1992 in Salem, OR. It was later converted to a telnet-only BBS in 2000, then eventually was decommissioned in 2003-2004.

Northern Borderlands had a focus on the gaming niche, in particular that of tabletop gaming (Board Games, Card Games, Tabletop RPGs, etc.) but also had a decent number of message bases and file areas devoted to video games. During it’s heyday, it had sponsored/hosted many local BBS meets, spawned scores of pick-up game nights and not a few regular gaming groups, particularly for that in the Dungeons & Dragons arena.

I aim to re-focus the BBS to the same niche. Several gaming-focused message boards have been started and I hope to see lots of conversation in them. I’m slowly uploading PDFs and old DOS and Windows games that are available for download as well.

Come and join me in this adventure. I look forward to having you!

Current Echo Bases: fsxNet (21:2/107)

The Northern Borderlands is best viewed when using Netrunner. Visit by pointing at nothernborderlands.ddns.net on Port 23. Here’s a preconfigured version. Just open, hit Alt-D and Enter.

NeoCincinnati BBS Splash Card

NeoCincinnati BBS

Established in 2019 by a newcomer to the BBS Scene, NeoCincinnati BBS serves the Greater Cincinnati Tri-State And Beyond. This BBS currently operates on a modded version of Mystic, with changes coming in the months ahead.


Member of:

  • FSXNET – 21:2/106

Eight Bit (8-Bit) Boyz BBS

The companion BBS to the www.8BitBoyz.com website. Offering online games, Infocom games, message boards with echo networks like Fido, fsxNet, Retronet, Commodore Net!

Southern Charm BBS

Registered LORDs, Lunatix, Shift Zone, Tradewars 2002, Virtual Sysop III, Ambroshia and more. Plenty of message areas to join. FidoNet connected (1:124/5019) We’re constantly adding more games and message networks.