Wintermute BBS
Location:Duesseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Established in mid-2009 and located in germany, this BBS focuses on classic computers with a bias towards Commodore computers and the Rasspberry Pi SBC.

Wintermute BBS menuWintermute BBS features a file section (x-/y-/z-modem downloads, just like the old days!), chat, email, networked bulletin boards via DoveNet or Echomail (including FIDO), and popular RSS newsfeeds. For entertainment you may choose from a selection of ANSI games for you to enjoy.

While german is the primary language, english is also an option and there are various command shell themes available for both languages, including  a MS DOS like command prompt, custom made ANSI menus and a curses like text GUI (the latter being the default setting).

Behind the scenes the BBS is run by a Raspberry Pi 3, Raspbian Linux, Binkd and Synchronet 3.16.

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